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June 29, 2009

picture this

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at what point do you relinquish your rights of a photo with your image?

i know that whenever i’ve done any professional pieces we have contracts on the models, we have the rights to their likeness until the contract expires.  but i’m not talking about work, i’m talking about personally, the photos you take of people and the ones they take of you.

just recently my sister joined facebook.  when she friended me and went through my profile she called me up.  she wasn’t really bitchy in tone but just the fact that she was saying these things to me pissed me off at first.

she was talking about the pictures i have of my nieces/my goddaughter (i.e. her kids) within my profile.  she kept saying how she was surprised because she wasn’t sure if she wanted those pictures out there.  having images of her girls out on the web.  before you think anything, these were not any sort of explicit pictures, just pictures of my nieces… from our trips to the beach, their visits to VA, one’s recital, baby pictures, etc. 

i understand that they’re her kids and it’s her call so i asked her “do you want me to take them down?” and she said “no” but she also continued to comment on how she was just shocked at first and didn’t feel comfortable with it right off the bat.  i asked her a few more times and she kept telling me to just leave them up.

but once we got off the phone i was kinda ticked.  i mean they’re my nieces, right?  she allowed me to take all those photos, right? and the photos are my property to do with as i please, right?   hell she even made me godmother to one of the girls.  so what’s so bad about being proud of them?  i love those little girls, i love them like they’re my own kids.  i have pictures of them in frames around my house too, she’s never cared about that.  and even though my photos are only able to be viewed by my friends, and it’s not like i have their names or ssn attached to them, they just say niece 1 and 2.   so at what point can you control what someone does with pictures of you?  what is a reasonable request?

i totally get parent’s being concerned about their children’s info and likeness getting out there onto the internet, and i get that they’re her kids so what she says goes.  we didn’t even put an image of our ring bearer on our wedding website because my future sister & brother in law said they’d rather not.  i get that.  but my sister was fine with the girls being on there and on that site their names are listed!  so why all the concern about photos of the girls on my private facebook page??

where do you allow someone to draw the line?  what about pictures of me and my nieces, can i not show those to anyone either?  she didn’t care that i had pictures of her in there without asking her.  i guess it just caught me off guard because i’ve never thought to ask someone permission to do anything with the pictures i have of them.  i would never do anything bad with them, but is it a reasonable request to control how others use our image?

have you ever come across a friend/family who posted a picture of you on the internet or in their house where you were surprised or not happy about it?  i could see if someone had incriminating photos of you or something embarrassing that you wouldn’t want others to see… i can even understand if you’re not crazy about how you look in a picture.  but this has just stuck with me, and i thought it was kinda ballsy on her part.  but the more i think about it i’m not sure if i’m totally wrong, and i should be asking permission to post pictures of me and my family on my personal sites.   maybe i am wrong, and it’s totally a normal to think you have the right to tell anyone with a picture of you what they can and can not do with it.

does anyone have a stance on this??



~ today i learned… the phrase “goodnight, sleep tight” comes from the time when bed frames and mattresses were supported by ropes that were to be tightened to keep your bed up ~


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  1. Interesting question, I’ve heard of people getting bent out of shape about this before, but I never saw the big deal. Maybe I won’t until I have kids. I think the private page isn’t nearly as big a deal though.

    Comment by imfb — July 3, 2009 @ 11:07 am

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