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June 24, 2009

my affair

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while M has been gone this week i’ve been up to alot

Monday led to 2 different guys being at our house… passing like ships in the night

the first guy showed up and i had no idea he was even coming over, it was M’s friend here to repair our windows

the second guy showed up just as the first was leaving… and i brought him inside and led him up to the bedroom

… and then into the bathroom where he set up shop.  we did my hair and makeup trial.  have i ever mentioned how much i love my stylist?  because i do, i really do.  he’s just a great guy and uber talented with a curling iron to boot! overall i was happy with what he did, i thought i kinda looked like a streetwalker up close (so much makeup) but then we took pictures and it looks great in pictures, very natural looking.  it’s amazing how that works. 

the hair?  eh, not so much but it’s nothing about him, it’s my hair, i hate how fine and stringy it is.  but one big development did come out of the evening – i will not be wearing my mother’s headpiece.  it just doesn’t work, and as much as i was kinda bummed for a minute i think i was already leaning that way and just needed someone to talk me out of it.  afterall, i’m still wearing her veil so i feel really good about that. (sidenote: my mom won’t care either way, she was shocked i wanted to wear her stuff, but i really just love the hairpiece)

besides that i’ve been busy painting the kitchen.  i’ve put 7 coats of paint on it since sunday night… um, yah, i’mon my 3rd color and this is it.  i’m done.  we have an army green kitchen.  i don’t care.  i refuse to primer again.  i refuse to paint any more than the final coat of green tomorrow night.  camo kitchen it is.

oh, and i’ve been hella busy with work.  it started on monday and has not let up.  i’m pretty sure i was thisclose to breathing fire on monday.  my blood was boiling hotter than ever.  i’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned that i work with some morons.  okay, maybe they’re not morons in general but have been working here forever, which means they have no real business acumen as they’ve never worked for a real company and they just have a title because they’ve been here for a few years (ah the beauty of a private company).  it’s ridiculous and it drives me nuts.  but anyway, this b!tch pissed me off real good, to the point where i began cleaning files off my laptop thinking i may be storming into the office and throwing it down with my security badge and leaving.  i went to bed very unsettled and awoke to feeling even worse… NEVER go to bed angry!  i know they say that for relationships but seriously, for anything, don’t do it!  if i go to sleep angry i wake up in the biggest funk.  so i started off the day pretty funky and things only got worse.  the drama still has not ended and i continue to clean the files off my computer and blow steam out my ears. 

i cannot wait until friday evening when we leave for CT!  i love seeing my friends and family, even if it is only for a day!



~ today i learned… the Thompson Twins were neither Thompsons nor twins (discuss) ~


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