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June 22, 2009

that’s me

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  • i stand corrected – Bill from True Blood isn’t British, M said he’s Australian (same thing, right?  : )
  • over the course of the weekend i wrote at least 6 posts that i was really excited about… in my head… and i’ve since forgotten every single one
  • i’m painting today, working and painting.  just waiting for the pads to dry from last night (primer) or else i’d be painting right now
  • even though i have to live alone during the week at least i’ll get to live with the kitchen in an enjoyable color… i’ve been asking to paint it since i moved in and M finally caved in an effort to make it more sellable
  • he hadn’t painted the kitchen the hideous shade of blue it was before, he moved in that way, so i’m not insulting him… i rather like the color pallets he chooses, we’re both drawn to warm earth tones
  • my list of To Dos today is so ridiculously long that i probably should have just taken the day off.  i’ve already moved one thing to tomorrow’s list, the list was that long. 
  • don’t get me wrong, i love having a paycheck, i’m just so over actually working.  i’m pretty done with it.  sometimes i get these glimpses of hope that the company is actually going to get it’s shit together and we’re going to move forward productively then reality is rubbed in my face and i realize we’re just as upside down and backwards as always and no one with the authority to change that gives a crap (i still can’t decide if they just have no clue and don’t realize it, or they’re just too lazy/comfortable in their ways that they don’t want to change it)
  • M and i discussed over the weekend when we might be able to make a beach day work.  he figured out one day.  umm, yah, one day in 2wks ain’t gonna cut it!  i’m gonna need some sun closer to the wedding… it looks like fake n bake might be in my future
  • my stomach started turning this morning, i thought it was cramps.  it’s not, and it sucks. 
  • i sliced my finger open in the shower yesterday.  i always thought the shower was one of those places where it’s almost impossible to get injured… leave it to me.  and no, it wasn’t with the razor, it was opening a flip top body wash… don’t ask
  • i can’t believe it’s summer already… this year is flying by faster than i’d like
  • happy summer folks!



~ today i learned… half of all americans live within 50 miles of their birthplace ~



  1. I resorted to the fake and bake before my wedding. You gotta do what you gotta do. And being tan is must ;)

    Comment by Jackie — June 22, 2009 @ 11:16 am

  2. Your stomach is turning? I hope you’re ok!

    Comment by imfb — June 22, 2009 @ 3:02 pm

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