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June 11, 2009


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sidenote: i dated a guy once who warned me upon first meeting his mother that she thinks most girls who date her son are “bimbos” or “tweeters” (should have been my first sign i was dating down)… then again she also told him (after FIRST MEETING ME) that i would probably try to get pregnant to make him marry me.  hear this knowing that this was my freshman year of college, many many boys ago, he was a virgin, and yet subsequently cheated on me numerous times before i finally used my brain and was gone for good.  so yah, you can see why i’d be dying to have a baby to make that boy stick around… and i love the irony in HIM being the untrustworthy douchebag.  i digress…

does everyone seriously enjoy twitter?  i mean i know i’m late to all the social networking games because i just got on facebook last year (originally because worked forced me) but i really enjoy it.  yah, i was one of those people who had joined myspace a year earlier and thought i would HATE facebook, but now i HAVE TO check it every day and i’m not sure i even remember what my myspace password is.

but i just can’t seem to break the twitter barrier, i just don’t get it.  i’m not against the one liner broadcast every moment of my life aspect, that’s one of my favorite parts of facebook.  i guess i just don’t understand what kind of life allows you to twitter often and usefully.  i can come clean here and admit that i never text.  my phone has the ability but it takes me so long to put a text together and i cringe at the thought of how much each one costs.  when M and i merged phone plans he bought the extra package for texts but i still get mad whenever someone texts me… i don’t think it’s fair that other people can blow up my cell phone bill without my prior approval!

it probably also helps to note that my phone is what some call a “toaster”.  it’s only about 2 years old but it was even hard to find back then.  i had to sift through all of the phone that are aimed are text addicts to find my tiny little flip that weighs nothing.  one time S handed me her phone while she was driving to read a text someone sent, first she had to open it for me, i’m a big fan of the flip but had no knowledge of the slide.  then after reading it to her she told me to text that person back a message… umm, really?  you’re kidding, right?  because i stared at that teeny tiny keyboard and couldn’t imagine how on earth one would type on it.  i guess if you don’t have nails maybe it works?  i dunno, i just have no clue how people do it.

so anyway my point is that i’m definitely no authority as i don’t even have a phone that allows me to login to things like twitter & facebook so maybe that’s why i don’t get it, but i’m just curious.  are all of you on twitter?  do you tweet all the time?  what do you use it for?  i assume most people just do it from their phone and are not glued to their computer at all hours to send new messages.  knowing that the entire cast of The View tweets i’m wondering if that means it’s jumped the shark.  i can’t help but feel that them turning down their last offer was the dumbest thing they’ll ever do, because honestly where can they go from here?  i just don’t know what they can do with it beyond this point?  i can’t seem to find a reason i will ever be a member of twitter so i have to say that i think it can only go downhill from here, right?



~ today i learned… glue on Israeli postage is certified kosher ~



  1. I don’t get the twitter thing either. I think maybe it means I’m getting old.

    Comment by imfb — June 11, 2009 @ 7:57 pm

  2. I have twitter, but I am so bad at checking and updating it!

    Comment by Lexi — June 12, 2009 @ 11:08 am

  3. I feel like I’d consider using twitter if I had internet in my phone. One of the main reasons I discount it completely is because I just hate being tied to the computer all the time. When I’m at work, I’m here in front of it basically non-stop. I hate doing the same at home. Also, though, who has that kind of time? To be connected always? I feel like I’d be pretty good at making my own updates, but I’d probably really suck at following everyone else. So none for me. It’s better that way : )

    Comment by magda — June 12, 2009 @ 3:31 pm

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