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June 10, 2009


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  • if you could only see the pages full of drafts i have that are half complete you’d know what a loser i am for just doing a bullet post today instead
  • the cleaning of the house is very slow going.  i’m a fairly lazy person until i get a jolt of motivation, then just try and stop me from vacuuming!
  • i was sitting here working this morning when i looked down to see an ant.  a freakin ant.  i looked closer and there were a few of them, all around the same spot in the middle of the carpet.  WTF!?  i just vacuumed last night and now there’s a random patch of ants.  so i killed all 10 of them i could find, but then each time i looked over there there was another one, i couldn’t see another single ant anywhere around there, i have NO clue where they were coming from.  after i killed about 5 more i gave up and vacuumed the area again.  i have yet to see another one.  it’s so strange, it’s like a random ant invasion just dropped out of the sky and just like that it’s over.
  • i’m glad i’d already scheduled a follow-up with our exterminator guy for friday… Patrick the Pest Guy will be the first guy i’m excited to see that day
  • i finished up all my thank you notes from the engagement party and shower last night, but i ran out of stamps.  i’m going to have to hit the post office today so i hopped on to check out what my options are in the new rate and i’m less than pleased.  what shitty stamps.  so i guess i’ll be getting more of the old ones and some 1 centers
  • i had 3 new friend requests on facebook today, it was very random
  • i know most people think Kanye West is a punk.  sure he’s a big cry baby and he has this ridiculous sense of entitlement, but the first time i saw him live i gained an unexpected respect for him as an entertainer.  he really is amazing.  and there are a handful of brothers i have ever crushed on, it began with MJ, and i thought it was over with Pharrel, but watching Kanye in an interview today i realized that he’s on my crush list… right up there with LUDA! 
  • i have my appt. for invisalign today where i need to make a decision about what i’m going to do.  and honestly, i haven’t made my decision yet… if i could see into the future it would be much easier.  i have a feeling i know how it’s going to go though… i’m going to express my concerns to her and she’ll talk me into just “slenderizing” my teeth and continuing on… we’ll see what happens but i know how easily persuaded i am
  • i’ve GOT TO lay off the sweets, my mouth actually hurts at the thought of another handful of caramel corn right now
  • i really have to print our invitations this week, i’ve been saying that for 8wks but until now i’ve been able to put it off and put it off because i had plenty of time.  not anymore.  those puppies need to go out in the next week
  • i had no idea the vampire Bill (from True Blood) was british in real life… i was totally caught off guard by that.  oh, and i also had no clue he and Anna Paquin are dating in real life too!  i really must be busy to be this out of touch with hollywood gossip



~ today i learned… Howie Mandel not only did the voice of Bobby (Bobby’s World) and Skeeter (Muppet Babies) but he ALSO did the voice of Gizmo (Gremlins)! ~



  1. I just started watching True Blood the other night. Already hooked.

    Comment by Jackie — June 10, 2009 @ 2:41 pm

  2. You know who else is British? Stringer Bell! That news sent a shockwave through me.

    Comment by imfb — June 11, 2009 @ 7:58 pm

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