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May 29, 2009

A or B

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i’m struggling with my Invisalign right now – i “finished” my 17 trays in April but one of my teeth wasn’t moving to where i wanted it to be.  we decided to do a “refinement” and by the time they came back, the 7 tray refinement brings me to 2 days before my wedding: ocncern #1.   concern #2 is that they have to “slenderize” my front teeth for the refinement to proceed.  this means that they shave about a tenth of a milimeter between my bottom front teeth.  while it seems like the smallest amount possible i’m not sure if i want to do it.  i love the shape of my teeth and i’m afraid they’ll never look the same, obviously they won’t grow back to their original shape.  so now i have 2 options and i need to make a decision in under 2 wks.       

Option A – decide not to continue from this point. my teeth are pretty damn straight it’s just that one tooth is a little out of place but it’s amazing how straight they are now (compared to what they were before).  so i can leave it as it is, not have the most perfect straightness possible but i’d be happy with where they are and happy with the shape of my teeth.    

Option B – decide to continue with the program that i’m paying over $4k for and take the shaving of my teeth hoping that they’ll be so straight in the end that i won’t care about the shape.

i’m so torn on this.  what would you do???


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  1. Yikes, that’s a tough one. Does that one tooth being out of alignment really bother you? I think you have to put a value on that irritation, then on the cost of “slenderizing” the other, to see if it balances out. (I love that word for a tooth, too. I’m visualizing it doing core workouts and lifting weights and eating vegetables and things). I wouldn’t focus on the cost of the overall procedure–focus on the outcome YOU’ll be most satisfied with, keeping the $ factor out of it.

    Comment by magda — May 29, 2009 @ 1:25 pm

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