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May 28, 2009


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  • i took my wedding dress to my lady last week, she told me $400 to get everything done (my jaw may have literally dropped)
  • i had my first fitting with the bridal salon yesterday, i left $565 lighter… i really liked the things they were going to do to it compared to my alterations lady, even though she was slightly cheaper.  but still… that’s almost as much as i paid for the dress!  and to top it off i wasn’t planning on paying for anything so that’s definitely coming out of my savings today to cover my bills, and the speeding ticket i still have to shell out for
  • oh, and that doesn’t even include the bustle which will cost me $45 next visit!  i may have to wear this dress many more times than anticipated just to justify the costs… yeesh!
  • we have a tie!!  that may not sound like much to any of you, but if you knew how many stores we’ve been to, how many G-D suits M has tried on, how may ties we’ve looked at, and how many shirt/tie combos we’ve hemmed and hawed over it’s a really big accomplishment.  it’s a starting point folks
  • i was a little bummed about the tie choice though, it’s a fine tie, and it’s all up to him but i was really hoping he was going to pick the ivory shirt white tie combo… i thought that was really sharp.  instead we’re back to white shirt ivory tie… oh well, he’ll still be the most handsome man!
  • M has been reading up on the internet about all sorts of things to do with weddings and suits.  he’s now set on the traditional groom wears white tie, groomsmen wear black ties, thing.  i swear that’s the only thing i’ve gently tried to sway him away from.  i just think black and white looks like a funeral… i know it’s just me
  • i revisited my first choice florist to negotiate costs a bit… she did advise me that the cabbage roses were expensive, so i said “fine, take them out” even though i made it clear how much i love love love them (i actually am head over heals for David Austin roses but no one will ship those in for me so these are as close as i can get… can’t wait until i can plant them at our new house!)  but then we went over new prices and the cost of my bouquet didn’t change.  i was perplexed, she justified it by saying that since the roses are so large the space will be filled by many more of the less expensive buds.  umm, yah, so why did i take them out then?!
  • anyway, we played around with some flowers and i decided to go ahead without them anyway, i can’t wait to see our bouquets!  i signed a contract and sealed it with a hug… she was very patient and helpful with this bride who had too many varying ideas in her head about what she wanted.  M congratulated me on getting the final price i got : )
  • i think i found my DOC (day of coordinator) too.  she was just lovely… and affordable!  she’s actually the assistant to the owner of the company but she’ll be out having a baby so this girl will do it for less.  she’s in college but she appeared completely competent to me.  afterall i know what needs to be done that day, and i know what it’ll take to do it.  i wish i could do it all myself but i know i don’t want to, so i’m happy to pay this chick to get it done
  • my mother is becoming the bane of my existence.  she’s now set on buying this case of champagne/sparkling for us.  we’ve already worked a connection that’s hooking us up with all alcohol but she’s insisting… i’m going to have to spend next weekend gently talking her out of it (which is usually impossible, she’s one of the most obstinate people i’ve ever encountered, and i’ve dealt with many a-holes)
  • all of this happened yesterday alone
  • engagement party this weekend, bridal shower next weekend, more home improvement work (i already have calluses from last weekend… a bride to be should not have callused hands : )
  • we’re busy peeps!


  (why do my posts take 5hours to get to google reader these days?!?)

~ today i learned… since metal was scarce during World War II the Oscars given out during that time were made of wood ~



  1. Oh man, the seamstresses in NYC just had me so nervous that I called up my lady from home and I’m just having her do it. It’s just better to go w/someone you trust to handle the dress–even if it’s not who you originally thought!

    Comment by stealthnerd — May 28, 2009 @ 11:04 am

  2. wow, I knew alterations on wedding dresses were very pricey – but I had no idea they could be THAT expensive. I agree though that it’s best to go with who you think will do the best job, even if it wasn’t who you first thought.

    Glad to hear that M picked out a tie. I think he and his groomsmen will end up looking smashing and all your “funeral” thoughts will be out the door! :)

    Sorry your mom is being such a pain. Perhaps you can keep telling her what a great price you are getting all the alcohol for and that without her purchasing the champagne, she can save her money. Just a thought…

    Comment by DanceintheRain — May 28, 2009 @ 1:10 pm

  3. the W-R word?

    Its Wanker.

    and he is.

    Comment by each — May 28, 2009 @ 2:09 pm

  4. A busy day indeed! But so much you got accomplished; that’s great.

    And I bet your college girl is fabulous. I bet she wants badly to prove herself; could be a win all around.

    Good luck with your mom, too. That’s no fun at all. But in the unlikely event you’re looking to unload a lot of champagne, you know where I live : )

    Comment by magda — May 29, 2009 @ 1:21 pm

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