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May 22, 2009

watchout – more bullets

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  • i went shopping with M’s sister and not only found a lovely dress for $20 (previously mentioned) but also an awesome pair of shoes for $30 on clearance!   they’re Cole Haan!  Nike Air!!!  i wore them for an entire day and then straight to dance class; they’re definitely earning their reputation!  so comfy!
  • M’s been trying on suits and tuxes for about a month, he has no clue what he wants to wear to the wedding so he’s looking at all of his options.  when we were at the Tyson Expensive-We-Can’t-Afford-Anything-Here-Mall we made the mistake of going into RL.  there’s a reason that tux was $3k… and it was totally worth it!  it’s absolutely amazing the difference between a $400 tux and a $3k one!  of course it’s not in our budget, but it definitely makes the $1,200 one look more reasonable, and still so much nicer than the $400 ones… of course i still don’t know if we have a winner.  i only know i have a waffler (get it?!)
  • my body is so truly out of whack that i wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if when i go in for my annual that she tells me i’m 7 months pregnant.  the sad part is i feel like this every single year.
  • it takes my mom forever to call me back.  i leave her messages on her answering machine (yes, she still has one) and on her cell phone (which is just about as ancient as the answering machine) and she never freakin returns my calls.  after about 5 messages i start leaving teaser messages “hi mom, it’s me.  just trying to get in touch with you, i have news!”  or “hi mom, it’s me.  call me back when you get a chance, there’s something i want to tell you!”.  all very open ended messages so that when she calls i can tell her what i need to without my messages being complete lies, but at least she calls (even though she finally calls after these because she believes i’m going to tell her we’ve eloped or we’re pregnant, or something else she’s dreading)   i do what i have to do   (short version: you all knew i was moving before she did)
  • M did really well at our first dance class!  i was so proud.  of course my left big toenail has scuff marks and i might actually lose the nail now (it was stepped on SO many times that i’m not even exaggerating) but it was worth it.  we still can’t have a conversation because it throws him off, but he does really well when he’s concentrating.  the conversations aren’t far behind, we just have to practice more.  i’ve decided we’ll be putting the speakers on and dancing in the backyard this weekend : )
  • there isn’t a single damn job in the area we’re moving to for me.  i’ve been looking for 2 weeks, i have no clue what i’m going to do.  i assume keeping my current job will be an option but i really just don’t want to keep it… although i do love a/my paycheck!  we’ll see…
  • this weekend is CLEAN THE G-D HOUSE! weekend.  it’s such a friggin wreck.  so that’s first, then it’s start working on all the stuff we need to do, paint, stain, etc. to get the place in sellable condition.  i personally love painting, M has been pouting about it but he’s done a great job on the front porch construction : )
  • have a great holiday weekend everyone!!



~ today i learned… if you drop a  raisin in a glass of fresh champagne it will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top (i’m totally trying this at our engagement party next week!) ~



  1. wait, you’re moving? where to? did I miss something!?

    ps. maybe leave your mother a message saying that you are on your way to vegas for the elopment and see if she calls back then :)

    Comment by Lexi — May 22, 2009 @ 10:30 am

  2. Yay for M and dance classes! I bet he does just great by the time the wedding rolls around. He seems like a pretty quick study : )

    Good luck with your cleaning this weekend! Ug, I don’t envy you that project at all. You were so seriously just moving in!

    And ps, I totally want an update on the champagne trick … sounds tremendously amusing : )

    Comment by magda — May 25, 2009 @ 11:51 am

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