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May 7, 2009

dejavu i do

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with all my wedding related blog reading yesterday i stumbled upon 2 weddings that could have been mine.

the first was found hereand it’s pretty much everything i had envisioned when we first started planning.  it’s  Berkeley Plantation and everything but the dress is exactly what i had dreamed (the dress is gorgeous though!  i just tried to avoid strapless), from the location to the tent to the cigar roller, i mean even the bridesmaid dresses are similar to what i bought! (click through for more detail)


and then there was this wedding video that i happened to check out.  and seriously, c’mon every girl wants to marry a Navy Seal!  but beyond that (because i couldn’t imagine marrying anyone other the man i am with today) she has my dream dress… the one i would have bought if it were $2,000 less.  but what was really eerie was the ring shot.  i actually had to rewind and pause, then look down at my ring to make sure we didn’t have the same ring.  even though we don’t it’s still a beautiful wedding and very close to what i’m envisioning also.

so that reminds me, i never posted pictures of me ring.  it’s not for lack of trying.  because i took a bunch of photos one day but i just couldn’t get anything i was thrilled with.  i can’t seem to take a photo of my ring that even comes close to what it looks like in person.  maybe you just have to see the sparkle that the still image can’t capture, but i feel like no photo has done it justice.  but since we’re still waiting for the bands to come in (it’s been, oh, 6 weeks since we requested them) so we can pick what i’ll wear with it, i figure what the heck.  i can always take more photos, right?

so here is my ring in the temporary setting, you don’t get any sort of idea about how freakin sparkly and clean the diamond is but whatever, i’ve decided i’m not capable of taking a photo that can capture that so i’ll move along.  this setting was a simple 4 prong princess (height) setting on a rounded band…


and after all the months of looking at rings we finally decided on a ring but we wanted a change.  so my ring is very close to what they sell to anyone, with one custom tweak.  so while it doesn’t matter it’s also nice to know that it’s one of a kind.  this setting is full of filigree and 8 stones (besides my gorgeous center).  it has an almond/eye shape to it when you look head on, i love that part of it.  and the band will be made to fit flush to the ring… we just can’t decide on the one with just filigree or the one with filigree and a few more diamonds.  hopefully we’ll get some good wedding photos with the final decision.  so this is the very first picture i took of it when we came home from the jewelry store.  i took a ton more on another day but i like this one the best so far… probably because at that point it was the cleanest it’ll ever be…


i guess you can see some of the glint that it catches and the sparkle it throws off in this nextone… with all the stones and the cuts in the gold it reflects light like CRAZY.  i know i’m biased but i LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring!!


okay, enough gloating.  i’ll go back to whatever i was doing before now



~ today i learned… ants leave a pheromone trail for others to follow when they find food, this is why you see them travelling in single file lines and bumping into each other when they try to go back the other way ~



  1. LOVE the ring! It’s so fabulous!!!

    Comment by stealthnerd — May 7, 2009 @ 10:54 am

  2. Holy crapface your ring is gorgeous! I love my rings and all but I’m seriously jealous now!

    Comment by Miriam — May 7, 2009 @ 10:54 am

  3. I love that video – I’m kind of obsessed with the ones done that way. Also, I will be saving that link bc in two shots you saw their dog. This will be used as evidence that it is ok to have your dog in the wedding, bc right now, L is not so keen on that idea. :)

    Also, your ring is so freakin gorgeous. I love it. All of that work and searching was definitely worth it.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — May 7, 2009 @ 11:48 am

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