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May 4, 2009

just shy of right

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of course i’m still hunting for this damn after-party dress.  while i know most people said they still favor the gorgeous Maggy London concoction (which i of course also still adore) i’ve still been looking for that other dress.  it’s the same exact problem i had with my actual wedding dress.  i’m in love with two totally different styles, and how do you pick between things that are so different?  it’s just like The Bachelor.  but instead of having the serious girl who would make a good mom and the fun girl who is all about spontaneity and making out in a hot tub on national tv, i’ve got the sheath style sexier dress and the fun flouffy party dress. 

so on the recommendation of a certain Lexi i looked at white house/black market… which i also loved when they first came about but i slowly pulled away when i started to see the prices ratchet up and up and up.  so for those who don’t know it, this store only carries black and white apparel.  i’m serious, everything is either black or white or a combination of both (but no grey).  but i have one major bone to pick with them… if you’re only going to use 2 colors, why not make most things in BOTH colors?!  wtf?!?  this is the second time i’ve found a dress there that i love but it’s in black… and not white.  i don’t get it.  what’s the problem?  you already have the pattern, just offer it in BOTH G-D COLORS!

so because of that i will not own this dress that i really like… because i want it in white, is that too much to ask?  and it’s more expensive than my Maggy one… and what’s that all about anyway?

so with this loss i asked M to stop at the outlets when we were out that way a few weeks ago.  i love me some BCBG outlet for dresses.  i originally had planned on taking my girls there to pick out bridesmaids dresses but i just happened to find those other ones first.  beyond the fact that i’m a 6-10 in that store (um, hi, why so small MaxAzria?) i did find one dress that was PERFECT… but it was in BLACK ONLY!  are you sensing the theme here?  i didn’t take a picture of the dress and i can’t find one online so whatever, the other one i narrowed it down to was tight and a mauvey/nude color with rouching along the top of the thigh.  it may not sound it but it was quite cute… just not cute enough.

so recently i decided to swing into the local Nordstrom to ask if they might get that Maggy dress when it gets released on 5/12 and whaddaya know, while the lady was looking it up i wandered around and… FOUND IT!  ONE!  there was ONE and it was in MY size!  it was fate.  i had to try it on.  i also tried on this awesome taffeta lovely


of course this model doesn’t do the dress justice.  it puffs out below the waistband like the top of a cupcake and it’s To Die For!  it didn’t have a price on the tag, which is very scary when you’re in Nordstrom, and there was some beading missing so i was asking if they discount for that.  i was told (sternly) that they don’t do that and they’ll just put it in the back.  my main question was whether it came in white though, again no one could answer that.  so i bought my lovely Maggy dress and headed home.  i was FULL of excitement about having THE dress, and before it’s even available anywhere, it’s crazy.  it was so meant to be.

that is, until i got home and looked at the Nordstrom site for that yellow dress to see the price.  i was thinking about maybe even getting it in the yellow for the rehearsal but it turned out to be $178… WAY out of my price range.  i really do still love it though but in the process of looking up this dress i found something alarming…

js-lace-front js-lace-back

it looks suspiciously like the dress i just bought, and it’s the same price.  but now i’m curious.  i wonder how different they look in person… i’m thinking about ordering this one so i can compare them.  as much as i hate to do it.  as it is i was already planning on just holding on to the Maggy and keeping my fingers crossed that it shows up in Macy*s so i can get it cheaper… i’m not exactly thrilled about spending that much on one dress.  but oh is it pretty on.  then i thought i should stop by the bridal shops too… maybe take a look at the prom/bridesmaids dresses they carry to see it they have a fun party one like that taffeta thing, but for less.

so i did, and i found 2 more dresses i liked but one was POB and about $200 which send it skyrocketing out of my budget.  the other was 2Be and the exact same price, i don’t think i loved it enough.  that’s when i came home and tried the Maggy divine beauty on again.  and i think i’ll keep her.  not sure if you can see it in this photo but it’s got mettalic thread all sewn into the flowers of the lace which makes it feel very PARTY.  i definitely think i could wear this again, new year’s eve, and DEFINITELY suitable for an anniversary! (in this photo i tied the sash in the back… makes me look less hippy, i think)




~ today i learned… the Catholic tradition of “posting the banns” to announce a marriage originated as a  way to ensure the bride and groom were not related ~



  1. Ugh, nothing worse than finding something you would absolutely love in another color only to find it doesn’t come in another color. Looks like you still found something super cute tho!

    Comment by stealthnerd — May 4, 2009 @ 10:12 am

  2. You’re so right about the no-price problem at Nordstrom. Dangerous territory indeed.

    I love that dress on you! Well, at least on the portion of your torso I can see. Lots of options, but as cute as you are, I don’t think you can go wrong : )

    Comment by magda — May 4, 2009 @ 10:33 am

  3. love love love the black dress. can I have a link please?

    Comment by La Petite Belle — May 6, 2009 @ 11:20 am

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