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April 28, 2009

oink oink mutha-f-ers

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(yah, i’m feeling like cursing lately, maybe it’s finding my old DMX cd or maybe it’s because Snoop is coming to our local theater but whatever for reason… i’m big on the m-f combo this week : )


anyway, i take omeprazole on a daily basis.  this started about 2 years ago when my father died.  i’d never had stomach problems before but suddenly a couple days after his burial i was stricken with inexplicable stomach pain.  i was curled up in a ball for 3 days.  i couldn’t even sleep it was so bad.  i would fall asleep and then wake up to a feeling as though someone was inside my stomach ripping pieces out like they were carving a pumpkin.  it was awful.  but even though that pain eventually dulled into a daily ache it created some other symptoms, the biggest of these was acid reflux.  i was sure i had an ulcer or that my appendix had actually exploded and i was a rare case of a person who could live through it.  but anyway after about 2 months the pain had completely subsided but i’d already been to see the doctor a multitude of times to figure out what was going on.  he eventually prescribed omeprazole to help me, and it did.  i took it daily for months, and since then i’ve taken it when i needed it and supplemented with pepcid tabs when necessary. 

so last month my acid was bad and my throat was burning all the time.  i decided it’s slowly been leading up to this and i needed to be back on omeprazole every day, but when i looked at my bottle i had zero refills left.  i called my dr.s office to see if i needed an appointment or how i would get my prescription refilled, they told me to just request the prescription refill at the pharmacy and the pharmacy would contact them and that was it.  yah, sure enough that worked but when i picked up my prescription i was ticked when i saw a note on it saying “no more refills allowed.  dr.’s visit necessary for further refills”.  WTF?!  that’s what i called about in the first place.  so anyway i went ahead and schedule an appointment and headed in yesterday.

since my timing is shitty for just about anything i was super paranoid in there since this whole swine flu scare.  everyone and their brother who has EVER coughed was making appointments to get checked out.  i’m not a big fan of germ central (aka. dr’s offices) anyway so this only made things worse.  as i sat there i’d cringe whenever i heard a kid near the fish tank cough, an elderly person around the corner hack, etc.  i hated even opening a door knob or putting my bag on my chair… ugh, i’m so afraid of these crazy germ filled people.  the nurse joked about it when i asked her how busy they were but she did reassure me that as of that morning there had been no reported cases in VA.  i can’t image how scared they must be about this… they’re in the front lines.  so here’s to hoping i didn’t leave with some foreign piggy flu germs.

anyway, my appointment ended with my prescription being refilled for another year but also with me scheduling an appointment with a GI specialist.  i’m okay with going to one, and i’d love it if they could resolve whatever it is my stomach’s issue is, but they also scare the shit out of me.  i’m so afraid they’ll find something seriously wrong with me.  and it didn’t help that when i walked into the specialist’s office i told the receptionist i needed to schedule an appointment and she said “are you sure you’re not supposed to schedule a procedure?”  ugh, what?  what kind of procedure?  i hope not…



~ today i learned… the term to “testify” was based on men in the Roman court swearing about a statement made by swearing on their testicles. ~


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  1. I’ve been the same way, cringing at coughs. There was a guy coughing up a storm on the metro this morning–just as everyone was opening papers with PANDEMIC POTENTIAL splashed across the front. Not a pleasant commute.

    Here’s hoping it remains out of VA … forever …

    Comment by magda — April 28, 2009 @ 11:39 am

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