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April 23, 2009

faux hair

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those who know me are aware of my fondness for wigs.  whatever.  think what you will but i don’t understand why they went out of style.  certain ethnicities still use them everyday and no one judges them but simply because i’m a white girl with a head of hair people look at me crazy when i mention wearing wigs.

it used to be common place for girls to wear wigs.  i’m not talking 1800’s, i mean in my mother’s day.  and i don’t know the reason but somehow they went out of style.  don’t get me wrong, i do love my natural hair but i also love being able to make changes and fancier styles whenever i want… not just 6 months later when it grows out.  when my hair is short there are definitely days when i wish i had long hair to curl and days when my long hair gets on my nerves and i just want to rock a bob for the day.  my favorite part of wigs though is being able to style the hair before putting it on.  you’re lying if you say that you can easily style your hair when it’s on your head.  the back never seems to get the love it deserves… it just so hard to get back there and your arms go numb after a certain time frame. 

what i really don’t get though is how much people frown upon wigs but they’re all about extensions.  umm, hello, that’s the same thing just way more expensive and time consuming, it’s like chunks of mini wigs.  there are kiosks all over the malls with fake pony tails and clip on hair clusters.  as much as i laugh about them, there’s always a part of me that’s curious.  my marshall’s had the jessica simpson clip on extensions and if they were under $20 i would have bought them just to try out.    these clip on and elastic hair pieces are definitely functional, when used properly.  although it’s usually fairly easy to spot the girl walking in the room with an “enhanced” ponytail.   sometimes it’s because she picked a hair color that doesn’t quite match what’s on her head and other times it’s because there’s just too much hair there to look natural.  but i’ve seen them done well too.

what really cracks me up are all these “tools” out there that people are pushing.  mostly informercial style.  my favorite is this one, have you heard of “bumpits”?

this product makes me laugh every time.  first of all, even with these “bumps” of plastic under your hair you still have to tease the crap out of it.  second of all, some of the styles they show girls wearing in the commercials don’t even look human.  third of alls this is not a new trend… it dates back to hair styles from at least the 40’s & 50’s and probably before then ( i believe maybe even back to victorian times).  but back then they were called “rats” and you can still find them today.  it’s just a spongy/foamy piece that you put your hair over to create volume.  but you don’t even NEED one.  if you have pantyhose and/or cotton balls you can create your own and put volume wherever you want it… for nothing, zero dollars.  plus it allows you to recycle old pantyhose (of course you’ll want them to be clean : ) which is appropriate for Earth Day week, right?



~ today i learned… George Clooney tried out for the Cinncinnati Reds when he was 16 ~


  1. That’s just…I mean…wow. That’s um…wow. Although I can’t say that I hate on the faux hair. When I was younger and visiting my aunt in LA she got me a ponytail extension. My dad and brother couldn’t even tell it wasn’t my hair (shows how observant boys are, doesn’t it?). There are pics of me wearing the hair on Fbook if you want to see how it looked on (it’s in my “modeling” album haha!)

    Comment by stealthnerd — April 23, 2009 @ 10:53 am

  2. my coworker wears wigs all the time. whenever I comment about how I like her hair, she tells me it isn’t hers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her actual hair!

    Comment by Lexi — April 24, 2009 @ 12:08 pm

  3. I’ve heard the bump-its suck and are hard to put in and get to stay in, and that you can’t even really tell you have a bump, except from the side. In theory though, they sound fab. I have some extensions, but I haven’t worn them in a while. Maybe I will break them out again soon!

    Comment by Jackie — April 24, 2009 @ 10:18 pm

  4. […] blog via “bumpits”.  so random.  not sure if those people are unhappy when they read my page or […]

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