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April 22, 2009

i can dream it

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so i had my first wedding related dream.  just slightly under 4 months out and it’s started.  for whatever reason it makes me feel more like a bride.  i can’t tie the details of the dream into any relevant events from the day, or even at all, that triggered it. 

a wise man once pointed out how nobody really cares to hear about other people’s dreams but i’m going to go there anyway.  just to break it down on why i believe these things were caught in my subconscious, leftovers from the past weeks…

first the dream was about our wedding rehearsal.  except it wasn’t the day before.  it was a month or two before and so none of our family could be there for it.  the location was also not the church we just booked (yes, we did book it) but instead was another “affiliate” church.  the strange thing is that this other church was much prettier than the church we will have.  the next concern was the pastor… it was someone we hadn’t met or discussed anything with.  so the first thing that threw me off was the bridal party… there were 5 girls there, all young girls, none of which are my real bridesmaids or flowergirls.  one of the girls was even my sister’s husband’s cousin.  in the beginning i believed these people were just stand-ins, placeholders for the girls i’ve actually chosen but then it came to be apparent that you couldn’t explain to small children that they weren’t really in the wedding so suddenly i had 9 bridesmaids… NINE!  the pastor even said we might not be able to accommodate that in the church and it may have to be just these girls… but these aren’t the ones i want.  then it came to the pastor and the things he was doing.  he was putting us through other cultural wedding rituals that aren’t for either of us but we agreed to just go along.  and then when i tried to give him the element we’re adding to our ceremony and he wasn’t having it.  no way, he just refused.  he was a nice old man but definitely stuck in his ways.  anyway after all of this i somehow saw my face and my skin.  oh my gosh, it was the worst i’ve ever seen.  all covered in red bumps and breakouts.  it was terrible.

so that was the dream.  i really have to make some stretches to figure out why some of these elements were there but let’s go there…

the church – obviously we just finally booked the church and it was after thinking we were going to be having the ceremony at the reception venue, that and the church is not the most esthetically pleasing.  it’s straight up 70’s remodel and not nearly as picturesque as the church i attended for the past 5 years that made me feel terrible.  i’m happy with the church community where we’ll be having our ceremony, and the Pastor is the sweetest, but it’s definitely not the other church.

the pastor – when we booked the church we found out that the pastor i’ve been speaking with is leaving the month before our wedding.  it’s unknown whether she’ll return to perform our service or if we’ll have to use the new mystery pastor.  this is most likely where this came from.

the bridal party – i have no clue what this is about.  best i can guess my sister’s husband’s niece is in there because of his family’s intrusion into our lives.  my sister irked me the other day when discussing having  a party for our mother and how she has to invite his family or else they’ll be upset… um what about our mom?  she doesn’t like his family, whatever, i’m sure this will come up later this year when it’s a bigger issue.

the ceremony element – there’s an element to our ceremony that we’re adding and have yet to present to our Pastor.  it’s not because i don’t think she’ll be okay with it, it’s just because we haven’t had our meetings yet where we’ll discuss the ceremony.  but of course there is a part of me that’s worried she’ll inform me that she can’t perform anything but the book’s ceremony… although i don’t believe that’s the case.  but it’s a twinge of fear way deep down.

my skin – this is one thing that i actually do worry about.  stress has an immediate effect on my skin and you can always see it in my face… same with lack of sleep.  while i know good makeup can hide all of these things i’m still making a conscious effort to keep my face free & clear for the next 4+ months… once i start getting tan i worry less about it : )

so anyway, that’s all i could figure out about my first wedding related dream.  i will not sharing them with you should i have more, but this was a momentous thing for me and so i decided to blog it : )

the best thing about all of it though?  even though pretty much all of the dream was one thing after another going wrong, i was still cool about it.  i didn’t stress, i didn’t freak out, i didn’t get upset.  although my normal m.o. is to freak out and ask questions later i’ve been pretty cool with wedding stuff and i want it to stay that way.  everyone (i.e. my mom and sister) keep telling me i’m going to be so stressed on my wedding day but i really don’t think i am, at least i hope i’m not and i’m going to do everything i can to make sure that’s the case.



~ today i learned… that you can’t find charm bracelets anywhere anymore, online seems to be the only option… if you don’t want to do the high end gold jewelry ones ~



  1. I always have the craziest, most whacked out dreams and I make L sit there and listen to them otherwise I will go crazy. Following the dream, he normally tells me that I need to seek professional help. He’s kidding. I think.

    Interesting enough, I had a wedding nightmare last night. I’ve had several before. The running theme is that I always forget to do stuff and don’t realize it until the night before or day of. Last night, I dreamed my mom was in town and the wedding was the next day and we were chatting and then I was like, oh I should tell you what the plans for tomorrow are. Then I realized I never had a shower or bach party and my bff from CA wasn’t there bc i forgot to invite people or ask them to be in the wedding.

    On the charm bracelet thing… that’s interesting. I had one when I was younger and loved it. Are you looking for one? Have you ever thought of the newish ones (they’re not really new, I think I’m just out of the loop) – Pandora charm bracelets? You can get them online or they have them in random “gifty” stores.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — April 22, 2009 @ 12:09 pm

  2. These are some impressive interpretations! I often have really vivid dreams, and it seems like they’ve been incorporating more and more of real life recently. I’ve read that if you write down your dreams once you have them, you remember more, and the dreams you have from that point are more memorable; I’ve always meant to do that, but never have. It would be a pretty interesting study, I think. Dreams are so fascinating.

    Comment by magda — April 22, 2009 @ 9:42 pm

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