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April 16, 2009

whipping cream

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in addition to yesterday’s post, i’m experimenting with a few other things.

yes, as soon as we were engaged i knew i wanted to start working on this little body to get it into great shape for a day full of pictures and video.  but, not that i’ve been dodging actually doing something, but time has most definitely slipped away quicker than i’d hoped.  and suddenly here i am 4+ months away from  my wedding day and not nearly as toned as i’d like to be.

so i’ve got the pushup program going on and am now rolling pilates in wherever i can.  but i need more.  i need to hurry up and add in some weight lifting for my arms.  yes, i can do a ton of pushups now but my arms still look like the same shapeless blob.  i’ve seen my mom’s arms and my aunt’s on my dad’s side… and i don’t like what genetics has in store for me.  i need to combat it NOW.  rather than joining M’s gym, i’m going to use my tension bands and ball weights that i have here at home.  those should help out tremendously… at least compared to the nothing i do now.

but beyond my arms and getting exercise in i’m worried about other things.  things that i don’t want to expose in the condition they’re in now.  things i don’t want to parade around (for an entire week on my honeymoon) when i refuse to put on much more than a bathingsuit.  these things?  dimples… bumps… cellulite.  i hate the word.  to me it’s the second “c” word.  although i’ve doubled tripled in size in the past few years i’m still a skinny girl.  unless people know me really well i don’t even complain about my clothes getting tighter, etc. because it’s usually met with eye rolls… in general i’m still a size 4, so you see i’m not that big.  until i was faced with this reality i never knew skinny people could have cellulite.  i thought it was more about fat, i didn’t know it was about trans fats.  and recently i’ve become more concerned about the cellulite of mine.  i want it gone.

i figured getting back into exercising, and adding running back in every now and then, would take care of it.  but it won’t.  it’ll help, but it won’t take care of it completely.  M told me i need to change my entire diet.  cellulite is pretty much caused by trans fats and sugar.  um, yah, that’s ALL my diet is.  as much as i want this stuff gone, i also really love what i eat. 

so i decided to try another approach.  i remembered back to a couple of years ago when Tyra started a talk show.  i remembered a segment she had where they did a trial of the Nivea Goodbye Cellulite program.  i was intrigued.  luckily they’ve been making a push on this product in the past few years and it’s peaked recently.  i looked into it a little more and it’s really just a healthier diet and L-caratine in topical form (it breaks down the fatty stuff… body builders have been using it as a supplement for years).  so i decided to try it out.  luckily walmart has a generic version of the creme, but unluckily they were sold out when i was there the other day.  so i spent the money and bought the Nivea brand lotion.  i’m combining this with 1-2x a day massages of the areas i’m trying to fix.  they say you’ll notice a difference with the creme in 2 weeks and really see results in 4 weeks… i’m testing that.  if i don’t see results that i like within a month i guess i’ll add in the supplement.  of course i’ll get it in the vitamin aisle and spending alot less than the Nivea brand. 

if i still don’t see results after that?  i guess i’ll have no choice but to seriously consider adapting my diet.   i’m sure i could change a few things and still get to eat some of the things i really love, but that’s my last resort.   i can’t imagine giving up hotdogs, baked potatoes, or chocolate.



~ today i learned… you can’t wear a shirt, hat or button supporting a candidate, issue or even an idea when you go to vote… it’s called electioneering ~



  1. Let me know how the nivea stuff works out! I could totally use that. I see some of mine really forming now and I am not liking it. And similarly, I am really bad about not eating food that is bad for me. Because that is all the stuff that tastes good. The one benefit of living away from my mom is espeically in the summer when she makes macaroni and potato salad like every day. I swear I could eat the whole damn pot she makes.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — April 16, 2009 @ 10:37 am

  2. its funny how all the trainers say, not having time shouldn’t be an excuse, and i’ve discovered this to be completely true. shape magazine’s fitness dvd collection has some great workouts. i am a big fan of ellen barrett’s bikini ready fast (mainly arms) and slim and sleek fast dvds. they get me ready for the beach. i also like to combine that with 30 Day Shred and the treadmill (when its working…grrrr).

    i tried the nivea stuff last year. it didn’t really work. exercising did it for me. i mean don’t get me wrong, my legs aint smooth, but it did help (i got blessed with the cellulite gene from my mommy). but everyone’s different, so i got my fingers crossed for ya!

    Comment by dmb5_libra — April 16, 2009 @ 11:28 am

  3. Oooh, I’m right there with ya. I’m tiny, sure, but that doesn’t stop those little dimples from showing up right where you don’t want them!

    Comment by stealthnerd — April 17, 2009 @ 12:11 pm

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