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April 8, 2009


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  • people these days seem to be mistaking f-ing-up-the-order-of-thing for politeness.  when you get to an intersection and wave someone through, it’s polite if you got there at the same time; if you got there first but decide to sit there and wait for the next car and then wave them through, you’re just f-ing-up the order of things.  same goes for any situation.  when you’re in line with a full cart at the grocery store and you see that someone behind you has 3 items, lettingthem go in front of you is polite; letting the person behind her (with a cart full also) go in front of you is just f-ing up the order. 
    if you just do what you’re supposed to do, right of way, etc. then other people can do what they’re supposed to do and all is right, there is order.  when you stop to “be polite” you’re most likely just f-ing up what other people could be doing.  i would love to say that it’s a fine line, but it’s really not that fine.  to me it’s pretty clear.  and most of the time when people do this thing they believe is “just being polite” they’re just irritating me and that defeats their attempt at “politeness”.. hence the eye rolling, don’t bother saying “i was just trying to be polite”.


  • i decided i wanted to look for a PT job.  i’ve had 2 jobs almost my entire life until about 5 years ago… and it was so nice when i could afford to live with 1 job.  keep in mind that me wanting a PT job is me wanting one that i’ll enjoy doingthat also falls during hours i want to do it.  so odds of finding this job?  slim to none, i know.  but anyway i filled out an application online the other day and was consequentially made to feel like a moron.  they had this whole 30 minute section of questions.  the first part was timed, it shot me straight back to SATs.  i was suddenly googling words to find the definition so i made sure i answered the ‘blank is to barren as word is to’ type of questions correctly.  yes, these were on there.  there were also math word problems.  there were sequential math problems that stumped me… 5, 1, 8, 12, 92, 17, what comes next?  and it was TIMED!  i have a pretty good feeling they got my application with test results and thought i was an idiot (or not actually old enough to hold a job) so they will not be calling.


  • while i was home i went through all of my mother’s jewelry.  i found my something borrowed.  i wasn’t stressing about it but i knew i didn’t have any jewlery to wear with my wedding dress.   luckily my mom had 2 necklaces that i liked, so she’s goingto bring themboth when she comes down and i’ll pick what to wear on that day.  now i just have to figure out my something blue.  this one is a bit trickier as i have a strange aversion to the color blue.  i don’t know why.  i just don’t like it.  i try to avoid it at all costs.  so now i need to figure out how to hide something discreet and blue on that day.  and no, it will not be my underwear… just no chance.  and we’re not doing the garter crap, we’re too old for that.  so i have to figure out some way to incorporate the color without having to look at it.  have i mentioned i don’t like  the color blue?


  • i’ve talked to bakeries who have all told me to contact them about a month before the wedding.  so yah, we have plenty of time.  i figured that.  but i really want to do the tastings now!


  • i finally got my eyebrows done.  it turns out that if i don’t schedule an appointment when i leave then it’ll take me forever to do it.  i know i’m a planner, but this just solidifies it.  i need it on my calendar or it isn’t happening.  that reminds me… must update kitchen calendar, it is April after all


  • during my trip home no one hinted at or mentioned me having a blog at all… so i may have overreacted just a wee bit (as many of you said from the start).  i haven’t seen any more hits from that town either but i have seen them from neighboring towns… it’s just strange how all of the sudden people from my state are happening upon my blog.  i’d never seen them here before.  oh well, hope it all works out.


  • my mother apparently holds some grudges longer than i realized.  when we were talking about blood types and i expressed my relief that VA doesn’t require them she said “but you don’t have a problem with needles… you got that tattoo”.  um, yah, it’s been over 10 years, you’re going to have to let it go already woman.


  • am i the only one who hates the wordpress spellcheck?  sometimes it highlights all words with “ing”  sometimes it just pushes random words together and then doesn’t flag it as a misspell.  my favorite in wordpress is that you can bold or italicize something and when you hit publish or save it autmatically removes spaces after the word.  making compound words that don’t exist.  what’s up with that?



~ today i learned… all 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the $5 bill ~



  1. maybe an old blue hankerchief, something like that? I’ve heard of people using one of their grandmothers and carrying with their bouquet. it isn’t very noticable, but a sweet gesture, I think!

    Comment by Lexi — April 8, 2009 @ 10:28 am

  2. My advice on the something blue? Take the tiniest blue ribbon you can find and pin it to the inside of your dress (on a hem or seam or somewhere). Then you’ve got a completely out of sight blue item! (I was hoping to get away with my eyes as my something blue but it seems like I may need to adjust that plan a bit haha!)

    Comment by stealthnerd — April 8, 2009 @ 11:15 am

  3. My favorite WordPress spellcheck is doesn’t. And it only underlines “doesn”

    Don’t forget about the penny in your shoe too. Little known fact the rhyme goes:

    Something old,
    something new,
    something borrowed,
    something blue,
    and a penny in your shoe.

    I swear. :)

    Since I wore Crocs I just glued a penny to a jibbitz. But you could go by a Christian bookstore and get one of those pennies with a heart or cross bored into it and tie the penny to your shoe :)

    Comment by littlespoon — April 8, 2009 @ 11:23 am

  4. littlespoon’s right about the “penny in your shoe.” (I’m so excited I knew that!) As for the blue, I’d go for a ribbon–a little skinny one; you could tie it around the stem of your bouquet, or sew it into your hem like stealthnerd suggested. Or, to be totally classy, tape a penny into your shoe with that blue electrical tape : ) Two birds with one stone!

    Comment by magda — April 8, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

  5. Parents, if they didn’t like your tattoos, never quite let them go. In this, I have experience, heh.

    Also, I’m totally lost on my something blue.

    Comment by Ms. Argument — April 8, 2009 @ 12:42 pm

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