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April 4, 2009

not my dress(es)

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i can’t help but continually look at wedding dresses.  no, i’m not going to buy another one.  i really do love mine.  of course there are plenty out there that i also love but i really just like finding deals on them… and the salon where i bought my dress always has some samples at really great prices.  i see alot of the same dresses stuck there that were around when i started trying on dresses last fall.  but there are plenty of beautiful dresses on there that i hope people snag some time soon.  i’ve noticed most people thinking it will cost between 2 and 3 thousand for a dress.  but it doesn’t have to.  if you have that kind of disposable cash, go for it.  but if you don’t and you’re trying to spend around a thousand it can be harder to find that dress… i know i was shocked when i budgeted $1k and had limited options at the salons.  sure, some people would roll their eyes at this and say you don’t even have to spend that much, i know you can wear a $40 dress for your wedding if you want, but let’s just go with the $1k rang for this post.

for example here are some of the beauties just waiting to be bought at my salon…
this Mikaella dress for $750!! (original retail about $1,500)

then there’s the POB collection Dolly for $1,500 (retails for about $3k)
okay, this picture is of Lindsey but it looks almost identical

how about this Sonia Cholette for $850! (retails for $1,600)

then there’s this beautiful Paloma Blanca number that i have tried on before (at another store) and if it was sample priced back then it would have been a competitor at $1,050 (retails at about $1,900)
the sash is actually the same color as the dress in the sample for sale… it’s very pretty!

and this dress, check out the back on this thing!  another Paloma Blanca deal at $850 (retail about 2x that!)

and 2Be (which is usually a less expensive brand anyway) has an arodable dress w. jacket for $900 (down from $1,400+)

then there’s an Amsale vision at $2,100.  yes, it’s still alot but not compared to the normal price tag 2x that price!
*this dress looks so much better in person and on someone with boobs or a padded bra than it does in this photo

i’m partial to Tara Keely so this $1,300 dress strikes me as pretty compared to the $2,300 price (again, crappy photo from the brand… so much better on a real person!)

there’s more POB Vineyard action with Emily & Sally at $1,300 and $1,600 respectively, both with original tags of $3k+
sorry, couldn’t find an official photo of the Emily so i borrowed it from someone selling it
pob-emily pob-sally

okay, since it’s the weekend this doesn’t count as a real post so i refuse to learn something today… it’s the weekend… yeesh


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  1. I was casually flipping through a magazine at the store the other day while I was waiting for L and came across a dress that I loved. Now, I don’t really look at dresses yet – but this one was just amazing. And then I saw who it was by – badgley mischka. Damn. Anyway, when i got to work the next week i looked for it online to save the picture so maybe when ONE DAY comes, I could look for a similar style. The dress i drooled over was $5000+. I guess i wasnt really surprised given the designer, but still.

    I love the dress in your post with the sash. that’s gorgeous! also, why do some of the designers choose such horrible photos of their dresses. half the time i can’t even tell what the dress would look like. because really, i dont plan on spending any part of my wedding day, lounging on a chaise.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — April 6, 2009 @ 12:23 pm

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