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March 6, 2009

today is a GOOD day

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in a few hours we’re heading out.   we have 2 stops to make.

the church and the venue.  we’re booking our date!  i can’t believe we’re finally doing it!  all along we’ve been “planning” on getting married this year but it’s about to become REAL.  we’re definitely getting married this year.  there’s no changing it.  no more questions.  no more wondering dreading that it’ll get put off until 2010. 

unfortunately the minute we sign on the dotted lines and hand over our deposit checks we’re already a little behind in planning according to the many “wedding planning guides” from all of the magazines i have and websites i frequent.  we’re less than 200 days out, but not yet 100 so i guess we’re in a good spot.

as i said earlier this week our Save The Dates are being printed already.  we jumped the gun on these once we got confirmation from our locations that we’d be able to get our date.  we didn’t want to lose any time getting these out and we were told they’d take about 2weeks to print (they’re letterpress) so we pulled the trigger.  by the time these arrive on our doorstep we should have a few more things completed and be able to turn them around.   i was very excited in the beginning about making them myself but things changed a few weeks ago.  i’d won a weddingbee giveaway last year where i received a $ credit or 75 save the dates to a certain vendor.  a few weeks back, before we even knew our date, we’d started working with this vendor to begin creation on our invites.  after a few proofs she quoted us our price.  since we needed less than 50 invites our price was sky high.  i told her right then and there that it was well above our budget.  that’s when she suggested doing the save the dates.  since we wouldn’t need all 75 of those either she opted to do the rest in thank you cards.  i know these are tiny elements but i’m really excited about how they turned out!  i can’t wait to send these to our friends and family. 

Since they have a design that we can’t replicate we’re going to make the invitations ourselves (with the help of a design savvy friend) and just incorporate the colors.  we used pantone colors so we don’t have to worry about matching.  the other way i’ve decided to make everything go together will be revealed down the line. 

we don’t really have anything else decided for the wedding yet.  we’re waiting until we know what M’s paycheck situation will be to start booking vendors.  as it stands right now we have a couple of details left to solidify before we can send these out… little things like finalizing the bridal party and sending in the last contract for hotel blocks, then updating the wedding website.   but once they go out we’re going to sit back for at least a month before kicking the planning/booking into high gear.

anyway, today is going to be a good day.  nah, it’s going to be a GREAT day!  and it’s already off to a great start… i woke up with M!



~ today i learned… Queen Victoria’s had a 300 pound wedding cake ~


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  1. Ohhh! Those look really pretty. And it worked out really well to do the save the dates with your freebie.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — March 10, 2009 @ 8:58 am

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