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March 5, 2009

start over

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what a crap day.

my day started when i woke up alone with a terrible taste in my mouth.  last night M had gone down to visit his mom and was staying there so i went out with a girlfriend to have some drinks (i hate being in that house all alone).  of course by the time i got around to lying in bed i was totally creeped out by the noises all around – creaking, cracking, wind blowing, all creepy noises.  i couldn’t get to sleep until it was late, way later than planned.

so anyway my alarm went off nice and early to remind me that it’s that day of the week when i have to leave at the crack of dawn to get into the office for an early morning meeting.  when i hit snooze and rolled over there was no warm boy there to cuddle up to.  i hate waking up alone, it’s such a bummer. 

i eventually made my way  into the bathroom where i was met with quite the image.  what was wrong with that girl in the mirror?  then i remembered, oh yah, i’d woken up at about 3am dripping in sweat… no clue why but it apparently took quite a toll on my hair.  i looked alot like i imagine i would if i were a junkie.  anyway i hopped into the shower and then commenced running about the house, scrambling to be able to leave in time.  as i was packing up my lunch and breakfast i noticed by the microwave clock that  i was about 5 minutes late, not a big deal.  it’s a long commute it’s easy to make up time by flooring it. 

i left M a little note for when he gets home and took off out the door.  i got into the car and, oops, i forgot my sunglasses.  i ran back inside and grabbed them, flew back out the door and down the front steps only to turn around and run back up them again.  i hadn’t double checked the door, i always think i’m okay with this, i trust the lock but once i get a few steps away i know i’d kick myself if i didn’t double check.  so anyway i finally threw myself back into the car and pulled the door closed.  THUMP.  the door bounced back open.  what… the…?  i pulled it again. THUMP.  WTF!?!  you’ve got to be kidding me!  sure enough after many thumps and cursewords i realized that the latch was down but the door was unlocked.  i tried every button in that car and on my key fob and nothing was changing the situation, eventually the entire locking system in my car stopped responding. 

i sat there.  pissed and getting more pissed.  i called M, he didn’t answer.  i left him my typical frantic-girl-in-trouble message.  then i called the dealership, left my trusty service mgr. a similar message.

sparing you all the details, about an hour later i was on the road with a door that finally latched closed and a screwdriver on my passenger seat… just in case.  i’d already missed our meeting so i wasn’t driving at my usual fast pace, i was traveling at a reasonable speed (btw. it takes alot longer to get into the office/anywhere this way, i don’t recommend it).  as i was scooting along my XM suddenly went out.  i almost cried, but for whatever reason i just didn’t.  it’s that big of a deal though, my commute without news/comedy/tunes is shitastic.  i eventually found an FM station (it was easier than i thought) and resigned myself to listening to that, and that’s when i heard it.  TSHTSHTSHTSH.  oh man, i knew it was my speaker again.  the one that M has been saying for weeks he’s going to fix.  the noise drives me insane.  it’s one of those sounds that gets into your brain and no matter how loud the music is our of all the other speakers all you can hear is that TSHTSHTSH TSHTSH.  at that point my options were to either drive my car into a tree or suck it up and keep going.

so i obviously kept going, and i’m now just patiently waiting for this day to end so i may start over tomorrow.  a day where i will not wake up alone… apparently those days are doomed from the start.

oh yah, did i mention i found out through cryptic messages that i have a surprise client visit today?  that’s freakin awesome… especially since i have NO CLUE why they’re coming by.  can’t.  wait.



~ today i learned… that everyone who’s planning a wedding at the same time you are thinks they know the scoop… i’m sure i’m guilyt of it too but damn is it annoying ~



  1. Hope your day got better. At least tomorrow is Friday!

    Comment by Jackie — March 5, 2009 @ 10:18 pm

  2. Oh no! I’ve definitely had days like that, where everything in the world just goes wrong.

    I have to say, though, your descriptions in this post were freaking hilarious. You looking like a junkie. Your recommendation to “just floor it.” The seriously-stated option of driving your car into a tree. Even on a bad day, you are a funny, funny girl, notsojenny : )

    Comment by magda — March 6, 2009 @ 10:22 am

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