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March 3, 2009


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okay so i’ve been watching intently all season and never said a word about it, no matter how much i wanted to.

and i know my opinion only counts for me but WTF ABC?!?  you finally found a bachelor that the public could get behind, one they rooted for,  your ratings rocketed as you desperately needed them to.  and then you end it like this?

obviously i don’t know Jason, Melissa, or Molly and i have no clue what goes on behind closed doors and in their conversations and interactions since they stopped filming.  but really?  you couldn’t have called it off with your fiancee before taking her on national television to do so?  don’t you think that would have been slightly more sincere?

and the ring? that’s hers you schmuck.  when you give a lady an engagement ring you’re GIVING it to her!  you don’t take it back when YOU call off the engagement.  the only time it’s ever okay to get your ring back is when SHE calls it off!  have some tact fool.

what kind of precedent is this setting anyway?  i always assumed that there was something in the contract saying that once you choose to reject someone that’s it, you can’t have any further contact with them.  but last night’s actions show us that being the bachelor is the best case scenario.  you’re put in front of 25 hot ladies to narrow it down to 2, then 1.  and if you pick one, try her out, and decide you don’t really like her you can now go back and say “i changed my mind, i want the other one” and apparently you’ll get full endorsement by the network.

and Molly show some dignity.  this man screwed you in New Zealand (and i mean that in both ways) and sent you home heart broken.  the second he says he wants you back, you go?  i know it’s hard to get over a broken heart when you really think he’s the one.  and maybe he is.  but honestly?  have some self respect and don’t just hug and kiss him right away.  look at how he just treated the girl he said he loved MORE than you… you don’t think he’d do it to you too?  c’mon girl…

that’s crap ABC.  and that’s even worse Mr. Mesnick.  i’m sure there were flaws in the relationship with Melissa, and by no means do i think that means he HAS TO stay with her but be a man… for christ’s sake break up with your fiancee in private!!  what kind of role model are you being for your son? 

so in summation – i’m disgusted with this Mesnick character (or lack thereof) and i’m disappointed in ABC.  shame on you.  ratings are one thing but endorsing this kind of Fox worthy behavior is in poor taste.



~ today i learned… they don’t plow neighborhoods in my city, i guess we only have enough plows for the main roads… how silly ~



  1. After all the posts today, I’m kind of sad I missed it… the ONE reality tv show I don’t watch!!

    Comment by LiLu — March 3, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

  2. I’ve watched lots of bachlorettes, and a few bachelors back in my roommate days. I missed this season … and now I’m kind of glad. I hate it when all that anticipation ends stupidly. Boo.

    Comment by magda — March 3, 2009 @ 6:38 pm

  3. totally agree! I really wanted molly to tell him she was over him and was now dating someone else, but apparently she doesn’t mind being someone’s sloppy seconds! his poor son though; he’s hardly a good example to ty!

    Comment by Lexi — March 3, 2009 @ 6:57 pm

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