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February 25, 2009

there’s been an explosion

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of ivory shoes


all over my wallet


and my floor


all because i’ve been trying to help my sister and S pick out shoes for their bridesmaids dresses.  while my sister was here we looked at the usual places but didn’t get a chance to really do some serious shoe shopping, we were more focused on flowergirl dresses… which is another story in itself.  so the shoes, well neither girl has had any idea what they’re going to wear, they only know they don’t have anything already that will match so they’re going to buy something new.  since both of them keep asking me what to get i decided to go out and see what i could find that might work.  sure enough i hit up the DSW clearance rack (which i like to call ‘Mecca’) and found plenty of lovely things.  without being able to pass up great deals i began purchasing.

here’s how it went down… i found the Caparros Victor on the rack!  for $36, can you believe it?  of course they were only in my sister’s size (which is also my size) so i bought the 2 colors they had, giving her options.  of course they had nothing that matched in the size S wears… that’s not true, they had them in her size but for some reason only at full price which at this point isn’t ideal.  so i went home with the ivory and champagne shoes and made sure the girls liked them before i continued to look any further… but really, how could you not love this shoe? (in champagne and ivory)

so the next day i set out to our other DSW to see if they might have this beautiful shoe in S’s size sitting on the clearance rack.  of course they didn’t, that would be too easy, so i ended up taking pictures on my cell phone of what they did have and sending them over to her.  she picked one pair and i bought it.  i mean really, not much gets better than $17 shoes!  but of course i couldn’t leave without buying a $17 option for my sister.  and oh yah, after i made the purchase i realized that someone had put the shoes i got for S in the wrong section, they weren’t even her size… so still no shoes for her.  once i put all the shoes together i loved them.  i’m even considering keeping the ivory Victor for myself… don’t these three look cute together?
(it may not look like it because of the side lighting in the picture but all 3 shades of ivory satin are identical… you’d never know they weren’t from the same bolt)

so anyway i’m now holding onto 4 pairs of satin heels until S & my sister get to their DSW this weekend to see what they can find.  if they can’t find anything then i’ll be returning to my DSW to do returns and grab another pair of the little slingbacks with the bow on front for S and we’ll be done with it.  the only question will be me, will i be returning the ivory Victor’s?  or keeping them for myself?  i’ll be trying them on tonight with another dress to gauge how useful they’ll be beyond my wedding (if i did decide to wear them for part of that day).

before i could leave the second DSW i saw a pair of sneaks in Mecca that i’ve been looking for and i just couldn’t pass them up at that price.  i’ve wanted them ever since i borrowed a pair at my sister’s house when i was headed to Six Flags and forgot my own sneaks.  halfway into that day i decided i HAD TO have a pair of them for myself.  they’re by far the most comfy sneakers i’ve ever worn… if they had them in other colors i would have bought those too!  so these lovelies joined my ivory shoe parade…


and… um, yah, i have another shoe confession to make too.  i bought a 3rd pair of possible wedding shoes a couple of weeks ago (they were the 2nd pair at the time).  but they were $13 and i just LOVED the brooch on the front (it’s not sparkly with crystals or anything, it’s just the way the metal is cut, it’s very vintagey).  i think it fits with the style/feel of my dress so well…

so after all of this we willshould have the bridesmaids shoes figured out this week (in the theory that the ivory satin actually looks good with the dresses).  and then we can focus on the flowergirl dress issues… post to come



~ today i learned… when it was first introduced in 1932, the 3 Musketeers bar was packaged to include three separate pieces of candy flavored vanilla, chocolate and strawberry — thus the name THREE Musketeers. ~



  1. Awesome deals! and i especially love those victors. and the brooch! dsw has some really great deals sometimes!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — February 25, 2009 @ 4:04 pm

  2. love all those shoes! ‘specially the ones with the bows!

    Comment by Heidi — February 25, 2009 @ 4:04 pm

  3. Cute shoes and great pictures! And $13 for those brooch shoes? It would have been a crime not to make that purchase.

    I’m also really glad you unraveled the 3 Musketeers mystery. That one always made a lot of no sense to me.

    Comment by magda — February 26, 2009 @ 11:57 am

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