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February 13, 2009

it’s fryday

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  • i had to run out and get M a valentine’s card last night… i felt like such a schmuck.  i’m usually a really good planner and have all this stuff ahead of time but life has just been so crazy lately
  • lucky for me we don’t do valentine’s gifts.  we’ll be picking up dinner from the same place we do every single year since we started spending valentine’s together as friends
  • there’s a house i drive by whenever i go into work that has always had a metal cage in their front yard.  it looks like a dog training crate and i always just assumed they had it out there since they no longer have a dog.  yesterday on my drive i saw something in it. it was a cat.  who keeps a cat in a crate in the front yard??
  • the first stall in our work bathroom was full when i walked in the other day.  and by full i mean there was not a person in the stall but apparently the toilet was having flushing problems (do you get what i’m saying?) and when i was in the stall next to it i heard someone come into the bathroom and go into that stall.  i expected them to walk right out of the stall but they didn’t… they proceeded to go to the bathroom in there.  i began gagging and somehow kept myself from full-on-vomiting.  uggghhhh… it still just grosses me out.  don’t people know that stuff splashes?  and even when you flush particles become airborne?  ugghhhh
  • some 24yr old girl is really going to marry that murderous drew pearson?  i’m so disappointed in her… so disappointed
  • and then the 14 baby unemployed single lady has set up a website so people can make donations to her.  how wonderful.  why didn’t i think of that.  i’ll send you all my website once i’m up and ready to take donations : )
  • i can’t be the only one who laughs and is at the same time uncomfortable every time they say “the President’s package” on the news, right?
  • i’m having a slight problem with baby clothes right now as in, i’m fully obsessed.  i’m forcing M to find out the due date of one of his friends because i’m about to stock up on baby stuff for her… i can’t help myself!
  • my sister & her family will be here next week.  i’m so very excited!!  even just the thought of seeing my girls fills my eyes with happy tears.  i can’t wait to see them and spend a couple of days here!!
  • we’ve got an appointment to go check out my dress… i really excited to show the first person in my family!  i hope they LOVE it!
  • i can’t believe that in a few days i’ll only have 8wks of invisalign left.  it’s really flown by.  now i’m just really excited about getting the whitening. 
  • we’re going to be spending the entire weekend cleaning and getting the house into guest-worthy shape.  i gave M the okay to go play golf this weekend so i can turn up my music really loud while i’m cleaning (he’s not a big fan of the solid gold oldies like i am)
  • i can’t wait to fill the clean house with fresh flowers (discounted after valentine’s day… totally the way to go!)
  • have a great weekend everyone!



~ today i learned… male gypsy moths can “smell” the virgin female gypsy moths from 1.8 miles away.



  1. Yay for having visitors!!

    Comment by stealthnerd — February 13, 2009 @ 12:57 pm

  2. Have a fun Valentine’s day!

    Comment by Megkathleen — February 13, 2009 @ 7:32 pm

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