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February 6, 2009


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i came across this bridal gown ensemble from target when i was doing some online shopping for my sister and i really wish i’d seen it sooner!  by the time i saw it the price was marked down to clearance pricing and of course they were out of stock.  isn’t this cute?  not sold, think it’s just alright?  okay how about for $85 for the skirt AND top?!  if i had seen this in time i think it’s cute enough that i may have been wearing this for our wedding… and i would have saved OVER a grand!!  stupid hindsight


then i started wondering what else is out there that future brides are probably passing up (including myself… though i did get super discount bridesmaids dresses and i’m always bargain hunting).  that’s when i visited one website and found a couple of really pretty, ridiculously low priced, alternatives that actually look like wedding dresses and not evening gowns (unlike most of the “alternative” dresses you see advertised… for me it’s not a wedding gown without a train)

jessica mcclintock for $210!

jessica mcclintock $333!


as i was dress browsing i stumbled upon this.  it’ a version of the dress i’ve wanted since last year, admittedly the white is still way more attractive to me but there’s something so sophisticated and classy about this navy/white combo that’s quite attractive too.  unfortunately no one has this in white anymore but this version is ON SALE!  if you are size 8 – 14 please go buy this because if it was in my size i totally would!



and then i ended up staring at a dress i’ve been pining for for months now.  i’ve wanted this next dress since the minute i happened across it.  i swear maggy london is my dream designer because i have yet to fall so in love with a dress and find out it’s made by anyone but her.  sadly this dress is still full price.  the thought of spending $138 on ONE dress (other than a wedding dress) makes me cringe.  but oh how i want it!  i went to our local nordstrom which sucks so of course they didn’t have it to try on.  then i checked all the local macy*s as they often have a selection of ML dresses but i haven’t been able to find this one yet.  i’m thinking it’s perfect though.  on the night of our wedding we’re planning on heading out to bars with everyone after the reception which means i’ll need to change into something else.  wouldn’t this be dreamy?  i’m thinking $138 is a small price to pay for such perfection but really, that’s the same price as a flight to CT right now… decisions decisions.



but then again this next dress is almost half the price and also fabulously cute!  what a fun summer color too!  only problem is there’s ONE left and i’m not really sure if it’s my size… they only list waist and bust… where i know i’m a small, but my hips are usually what make me go up a size, especially in a sheath style such as this.  then again this feels alot more like a party dress but not as much like an it’s-still-my-wedding-day dress



sadly i found nothing worth lusting over at anthropologie… i don’t think i’ve ever said that before.  i’m sure more white dresses will be coming around now that all the spring/summer stuff is rolling in but i really want to find something now.  i’m impatient like that.



~ today i learned… that NERDS are still wonderful!  especially in that tiny be-my-valentine size! ~



  1. I have had my eye on that navy blue lace dress for MONTHS. The only reason I haven’t bought is I have no idea when I would actually wear it.

    Comment by Megkathleen — February 6, 2009 @ 6:22 pm

  2. Looks like you’re finding some great alternatives! Shopping around is so much fun, my dream dress ended up costing only $200 & it was dreamy for the wedding. Keep being creative, it’ll definitely pay off!

    Comment by Kyla Bea — February 8, 2009 @ 12:32 pm

  3. LOVE the dress from Target and that Jessica McClintock one! I always love JM, but recently I thought the styles were getting a bit crazy – that one is gorgeous though. I didn’t even realize target did bridal stuff until it came up in a google search for bridesmaids dresses I did. Who knew?!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — February 11, 2009 @ 11:04 pm

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