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February 3, 2009

that was racist dawg

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i’d like to send a shout out to joel mchale and the asian louis armstrong impersonator

i mentioned that M and i went to a concert last weekend, well here’s an excerpt from that evening…

M has this habit of thinking he knows people, people he clearly does NOT know.  but he insists, “no i think it’s him.”  it’s an absurd statement every time he makes it but then there are things that happen that just reinforce these theories in his head… that he knows everyone out there, which he most certainly does NOT (okay, so there is an NFL coach he did play little league with but whatever).  as we sat there waiting for the band to come on stage there was nothing out of the ordinary in our conversation.  just a lot of people watching and commentary/ragging on the sorry college kids that were all groping and grinding with each other, the faint smell of weed in the air, and the sad kids who’d obviously stood in line for hours that afternoon to be the first in the door that evening so they could rush to the front of the floor and be pressed up against the stage until the band came on.  these are all so many reasons i’m glad i’m not a college kid anymore, i love being VIP, i love not having to stand in line and having a reserved seat waiting for me when i’m good and ready, being able to get up and go to the private VIP only bathroom and bar whenever i get the urge.  oh there are so many perks to being an “adult”. 

so the lights dim, music begins and the band enters the stage.  that’s when he said it. 

M:is that my friend greg on the drums?!?
notsojenny:uh, No.  i don’t know who greg is but i’m pretty sure it’s not him.
M: no, i think it is him.  it looks just like him but i didn’t know he played drums.
notsojenny: M, it’s not him.  move on.  if you had a friend playing with (insert band name) you’d probably know it.
M:no, it IS him!  i’m sure that’s him… in black face
notsojenny:  (just sitting there with my eyes wide and my mouth agape wondering if i really just heard that)uhhh, no one in their right mind would step out in public with black face in the year 2009
M: but look, that guy is in black face!  he is!
notsojenny: (dumbfounded at this point)i think saying that a black person is in black face is actually MORE racist than BEING in black face.  good job hun.

please keep in mind that M is not an idiot.  he’s an incredibly smart guy.  i’m not just saying that as in my-boyfriend-is-not-dumb i’m saying it in the way that he’s one of those incredibly smart people that sometimes forsakes common sense for knowledge… you know what i mean, he’s really book smart. 

i’ve said before that we freely make comments that others might take as racist… i’m just glad we were not close enough to anyone that night where this could have been overheard.  i’m still kind of shocked by him saying that, not because of any moral high ground (because we have none) but it’s just such a random comment.  i pretty much feel like it’s my fault because i made him watch Holiday Inn last month.  oh well, i got a good chuckle out of it just the same.



 ~ today i learned… Charles de Gaulle’s final words were, “It hurts.” ~



  1. Your recounting of that interchange is hilarious. Glad you got a laugh out of the situation, but I’m with you–those kinds of comments, if they’re to be made, are best left to the living room!

    Of course I’m still really jealous of your VIP status. I feel like my “adult” categorization would not so much win me those perks : )

    Comment by magda — February 3, 2009 @ 1:12 pm

  2. That is hilarious! I love how most people wouldn’t even think that was a possibility and yet your fiance seems to think it would be so natural.

    Comment by Megkathleen — February 3, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

  3. Haha, that’s great. At least no one heard his not so PC comment – I’m constantly worried that the wrong person is going to hear L make an inappropriate comment like that.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — February 3, 2009 @ 7:27 pm

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