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January 30, 2009

gravy train

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it’s official.  as of today M and i have joint accounts.  checking AND savings.

these aren’t our only accounts of course, being the control freak i am i could never let that happen.  we opened up more accounts.  so now we each have 2 checking (one personal and one joint) and 2 savings plus our various investments.  but it’s pretty exciting all in all.  M opened a rewards mileage card a few weeks ago specifically for wedding expenses.  so the plan is to put all purchases on that card, each be depositing into the joint savings, and then pay off the card with the joint checking (that will be filled from the joint savings).  did i lose you yet?

i know hearing about other people’s finances is just thrilling so i’ll keep this short.  it was just another step that seems so weird to me but yet makes the step we’re taking together seem so real and big.  the best part was when the bank-lady asked me if i was going to change my name.  i paused.  i blurted out “yes” because i felt like that was the appropriate answer and i was pressured to have an answer.  i couldn’t just sit there with my mouth open, catching flies, pondering the issue.  but there is much to ponder.  this isn’t the first time i’ve thought about it, that’s for sure.

i’ve been planning on doing a post related to this topic (name change) anyway so that’ll be down the road.  right now i’m going to take my fabulously freshly styled hair and finish my lunch so i can wrap up work in time for dinner out, drinks at a friend’s new bartending gig (he used to work at M’s company too, he’s resorted to doing this until the economy picks up), and then our final VIP show at the local theater.  after that it’s a weekend of chili and superbowl parties.



~ today i learned… that it’s TRUE, finishing washing your hair with cold water does make your hair shiny ~


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  1. I’m posting about this on Monday! Mister and I have had joint accounts since we started living together and it works great! I really recommend checking out Suze Orman’s book ‘Young Fabulous & Broke’ for an awesome way to split expenses proportionally. It’s fantastic, especially when there’s a salary gap between the two of you.

    Comment by Kyla Bea — January 31, 2009 @ 3:21 pm

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