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January 9, 2009

i sometimes forget…

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… that i’m slightly lactose intolerant.  by this i mean that i can have milk with my cereal, i can have hotdogs, yogurt, etc. but when i sit down and eat a large bowl of ice cream, or the most delicious banana pudding/brulee in the world like i did the other night… well, i’m going to be in some serious pain about an hour later

… how absolutely beautiful the sky is on a clear night especially when the moon is so bright that it’s illuminating the clouds.  seriously, did anyone else see this last night?

… that stars actually do twinkle and sparkle, and that staring at them for a mile while driving may cause you to drift into other lanes or possible run over the rumble strips

… that no matter how nice you are to them, no matter how good of a friend you try to be for them, there are just certain people that just suck and will not like you no matter what you do and though it maybe hard for someone who needs answers you just have to deal with it.  for example:
                    a coworker who schedules a team event on a friday, and then when you ask if it can be changed to a thursday so you can attend he does not respond only to send out an email the next day to everyone telling them the event is scheduled for friday unless anyone has any objections… umm, i objected already i guess i just don’t count though, awesome.
                   a “friend” who calls you out of nowhere after the last time you saw her was the SATC movie (where she proceeded to screw you over on the plans she made for post-movie) to catch up and schedule a lunch, then when you send her a message the day before to see if you’re still on for lunch she never responds.  but she did participate in other things on facebook so you know she saw your message… then days later she replies and says she hasn’t been checking her fb lately, let’s reschedule.  what??  you’re not that bright if you think i’m falling for that outright lie.  no dice girl, i’m not getting screwed over by you again… not yet anyway i know i’m a sucker for a third strike.

… that most people don’t understand mechanic charges.  so when you get your car back in an hour but they’ve charged you for 2hrs of labor do not throw an all out fit thinking they’re trying to scam you.  it’s the way it works.  all work goes by the book, the book says how long it’ll take to perform that maintenance/repair/etc.  so if it says it’s a 2hr job they’re going to charge you for 2hrs whether it took them an hour or 3.  sometimes you win because of this, sometimes you lose.  but please don’t go around bad mouthing shops because of this.  shitty service and work are one thing but most places are honestly charging you for what they’re supposed to (some just charge $18/hr while others charge $85/hr… that’s where you have control)

… how freakin’ delicious mini reese’s peanut butter cups are… i can’t get enough!

… that the day after putting in new invisalign trays in it hurts to chew anything hard… it’s only 2 weeks, you think i’d remember.

… that i’m moving in with the love of my life tomorrow.  and while i’m super excited it’s also a little sad because it’s the beginning of a new phase in my life and i feel like i’m leaving my old self behind… this feeling is going to magnify when i have to change my name… i’ve already had a slight anxiety attack about that but i’m putting it off for now.  but what i keep forgetting is that it’s okay to feel this way, it’s a HUGE step!

… that i’m an adult.  i’m lately reminded of this when i think about getting married and look at other people’s wedding photos.  i always thought that i would be getting married as an adult and even though i’m getting married i just don’t feel like i’m old enough to get married.  heaven help me when i have a kid.

… that i’m a BRIDE this year!  not having a date yet makes it seem less like it’s happening so soon but i realized the other day that i can’t keep putting off being so excited about it and celebrating it because i’m only going to be a fiancee and a bride for a short while, then i’m a wife forever.  i’m going to make an effort to really enjoy it more!



~ today i learned… dartboards are made out of horsehairs ~



  1. I’m allergic to lactose and it sucks the big one. Sometimes I just say ‘who cares’ to the sinus symptoms and devour me some ice cream. B/c every girl loves her some ice cream and deserves ice cream too!

    Comment by littlespoon — January 9, 2009 @ 10:01 am

  2. Ooh I have the same problem with the dairy. It’s like, I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine, then I have a milkshake and I wish I were dead!

    Comment by stealthnerd — January 9, 2009 @ 10:29 am

  3. that’s indeed important stuff to not forget.

    especially the resee’s!

    Comment by brookem — January 9, 2009 @ 12:11 pm

  4. So you know a mechanic, I take it?

    Comment by apollocreed — January 9, 2009 @ 12:54 pm

  5. i forget i’m an adult too. it really hits me when people i went to are pregnant or have children.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — January 9, 2009 @ 1:07 pm

  6. You have a lot to remember – and a lot to look forward to as well!

    Buy some lactaid pills for back up, and enjoy the move!

    Comment by Kyla Bea — January 10, 2009 @ 12:57 pm

  7. This is going to be such a good year for you! And I totally get what you’re saying about feeling “grown up.” I tell you, it’s ten kinds of weird to have a little sister who’s been married for two years. Every time we’re together anymore, I feel like the irresponsible younger one who just runs around as has fun while she’s all serious and domestic and settled down. I think life’s just like that, though; I don’t know that I’ll ever feel as grown up as the world labels me.

    Also, you totally can’t beat chocolate and peanut butter together.

    Hope your move went smoothly!

    Comment by magda — January 11, 2009 @ 11:13 pm

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