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January 7, 2009


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why is it that “open-minded” only refers to what the person calling someone “closed-minded” believes in?

i am sick of hearing those words.  closed-minded.  it’s always driven me insane.  i mean who’s to say what’s open-minded?  i understand the true meaning of the word, i really do.

1. having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments.
2. unprejudiced; unbigoted; impartial.

but it seems that every time i hear this word being tossed around (mostly about political topics) people are not using it true to it’s meaning.  it’s similar to “awesome”, i love that word in it’s true meaning but because it’s now such a part of common vernacular it’s lost it’s true meaning.

i don’t think it’s fair that just because people don’t agree with something that it makes them close-minded.  it’s not like people are refusing to accept that it exists, that it’s out there.  in that case, yes, those people are being close-minded.  but if they just don’t feel the same way about it that someone else does?  often the topics are in regards to change and i hate to say it but change is not always good, and i don’t believe change is the only way to make things happen.  so why is it that if you don’t believe that changing something is going to be for the best that you’re considered close-minded?

i have to say (and this is a heavy generalization but based on my feelings of course) that i often feel liberals throw this at conservatives all the time.  it seems completely absurd to me.  whenever there is something on the table that’s new it’s called “open-minded”.  what happened to “different”?  and what’s so wrong with being different?  not everyone has to agree, we’re never all going to feel the same way about anything, so why do some people think they’re better than others just because of the way they feel?  it’s so very frustrating to me. 

i think that everyone who uses the term “close-minded” IS close-minded.   a truly open-minded person would understand that there are differing points of view out there and wouldn’t try to put people down just because they don’t agree with what they’re saying.



~ today i learned… Golde Girls is back on at 9am!  YAY!!! ~



  1. Golden Girls? I hate that show. I am being open-minded about it too.

    Comment by apollocreed — January 7, 2009 @ 2:13 pm

  2. Oh wow, I could go on and on about this. Suffice it to say, I agree. I feel like I’m at risk of being labeled “close-minded” if I don’t share the assessor’s opinion: it’s either agree, or be this oppressive closed-minded person. I don’t so much care for those choices, seeing as I consider myself pretty rational: I weigh things out, and don’t make snap judgments. It’s like they’re so sure that they’re right, that you couldn’t have have possibly reasoned any other answer. To me, that’s just ignorant.

    All part of the expansive reason I don’t deal in politics, I suppose…

    Comment by magda — January 7, 2009 @ 4:26 pm

  3. this post kind of reminds me of the comments my dad made on wheel of fortune tonight. A contestant said he was happily married to his beeeeautiful wife. my dad scoffed and said: “why is it even necessary to make the deliniation? like someone’s going to go on the show and say they’re married to their hideously ugly wife. it’s all really a matter of personal perspective.”

    obviously he is closed-minded when it comes to personal interviews on game shows.

    Comment by dmb5_libra — January 8, 2009 @ 10:52 pm

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