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December 29, 2008

christmas presence

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our christmas trip was great!  it got off to a late and rocky start, thanks to a local influenza virus that left M curled up in a ball for an entire day and then pale and shaking the following day.  and as usual the time at home with my family flew by way too fast and was over before i knew it.  but then again i don’t think i could ever spend enough time with those awesome/adorable nieces of mine!  and it was oh so nice to be somewhere where it felt and looked like winter/Christmas!

here’s the rundown of how the holiday went…

  • Friday – i put off my packing once i heard M was illin’.  spent a good chunk of the day running errands and lying in bed with M in between fixing him some things he might be able to keep down and watching bad tv
  • Saturday – spent a day in the car driving north.  i was pretty impressed that the traffic wasn’t anywhere near as bad as i was expecting.  M looked like he was going to pass out and was commenting on the pains in his stomach and it made me very nervous, i wanted to rush him to the nearest hospital but he wouldn’t let me.  luckily it turned out to not be necessary.  as we entered NY the snow began to kick in… i couldn’t have been happier!
  • Sunday – the snow had been coming down all night and all morning… and it wasn’t stopping any time soon.  we bundled up (me with snow boots on with my dress) and headed out to my new godson’s christening in the awesome goodness that is snow covered CT at christmas time!  seeing S and her family, her parents too, was great.  this was the first time her folks were meeting M (since they live in FL now) and it was nice to know that they approve : )   sometimes other people’s parents that you grew up with end up being your family and their approval matters just as much as your own
  • Monday – after the expected family drama first thing in the morning, we all headed out into NYC to check out the displays.  it was freakin cold but we had a good time anyway.  we got to see santa at macy*s with the girls and had a nice family photo taken with him, even though the oldest niece is apparently santa-phobic and won’t go near the man while the littlest goes right too him with wide eyes and asking for “a doggy and an apple”.  we did everything we set out to do in the city and then headed back to the train.  can i just say that if you are ever in Grand Central for a while make sure you go downstairs and get the guacamole… it’s pretty good!   after we got all the way back to my sister’s house M and i hopped back in the car and headed back to the new haven train station (for the 3rd time that day) to drop M off for his midnight trip so he could spend christmas with his family.  i hate saying goodbye to him, no matter when i’m going to see him again!
  • Tuesday – hung out with the girls and worked from CT during the day.  at night went out to a girlfriend’s house with S for a couple of glasses of wine, wedding talk (girlfriend is getting married in sept.), and present exchanges
  • Wednesday – spent the day shopping with my mom.  surprisingly the mall wasn’t packed at all.  and i was also surprised to see all the high end stores they’ve thrown in there now, it’s crazy.  i finished up buying my gifts for M’s mom and then we ducked into a shoe store.  my mom decided to buy me a pair of shoes for christmas and i was very excited about it, i couldn’t stop dancing around!  we then grabbed lunch at Cheesecake Factory … well it started off as lunch but ended up being an early dinner since the service was so unbelievably slow… and there was no one in the place so we couldn’t figure out why.  anyway we popped into the movies later that evening and caught 4 Christmases… i don’t recommend it – the cast was incredible but the movie lacked something… not sure if it was the writing or what
  • Thursday – it was finally christmas!   i spent the morning watching the girls open their gifts and commence playtime.  the youngest was SO excited about her apple!  she spent the whole morning taking small bites and carrying it around with her.  i sipped poinsettias all morning and finally got to open my gifts once my mom arrived.  it was a DVD heavy christmas for me but among them i finally got my series completers – SATC movie and Gilmore Girls season 7.  and i got my shoes!  my wedding shoes!!  they are identical to the ones i showed here (#5 Ninas) but they have a Nine West label on them instead and what’s even better is that this version has a satin covered heel as well (the other was just brown plastic!).  oh, and they were 50% off, and everything marked down was an additional 30% off so we got them for $27!  i am so excited!!  i love my budget wedding so far!
  • Friday – i woke up and watched movies with the girls.  then i packed up my stuff and met my friend L out for lunch.  after that i stopped by my mom’s and then hopped on the road and began my long drive home.  there was a little traffic but nothing too bad for a holiday.  i got home in about 8hrs flat which is possibly a holiday record for me.
  • Saturday – slept in!  FINALLY slept in!!  later i grabbed a holiday special $25 pedicure at my salon and then headed to M’s mom’s house for a family get together and dinner.
  • Sunday – the packing began.  i will be spending the next 12 days packing.  so far i’ve packed 5 boxes and haven’t made a dent in my place.  have i mentioned that i hate moving?! 



~ today i learned…  in 1670 bent candy canes were invented in a church where they wanted to quiet the children –



  1. o.O those are so prettttty!!!!!!!!!! i got the call that my dress is in so i need to hurry up and pick a pair of freakin’ shoes :/ i’m so indecisive!

    Comment by Heidi — December 29, 2008 @ 2:11 pm

  2. sounds like you had a great trip and I love the shoes – how exciting!! We didn’t drive up to CT until Monday, so I didn’t get to see the snow fall, but it sure was there when we arrived! I’m so glad it was a white Christmas!

    our trips were quite similar – we saw Four Christmases too!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — December 29, 2008 @ 4:08 pm

  3. Your shopping skills are just amazing! LOVE the shoes. I think when/if I ever get married, I’ll hire you as my coach. You’re so with it!

    So happy to read you had such a great holiday, and good luck with that packing!

    Comment by magda — December 29, 2008 @ 9:11 pm

  4. I love these shoes!

    Comment by Jackie — January 4, 2009 @ 12:44 pm

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