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December 18, 2008

the accessories

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being that i’ve been planning this wedding for a while i have been looking for these little elements on the world wide interweb for quite some time.  everyone knows that the dress is a pretty important element, right?  me?  i’m a big fan of the little things.  everyone else says “don’t sweat the small stuff”  i say “it’s the small stuff that makes the difference!”

so naturally i’m going to focus on all of the little things involved with making my outfit the best thing i could possibly put together for that day.  and it should come as no surprise to most of you that i’ve already bought some of these things : )

i bought a bag this summer.  it’s cute and small and satin and just perfect… oh and it was $12!
the nice thing about it is even if i change my mind later on it didn’t break the bank and it’s fairly neutral so it’ll work with lots of stuff… i may even use it for my friend’s wedding next sept.  if not i always have this other bag that i bought for a wedding a few years back (love love love this bag!  i took so many pictures and i just couldn’t get one that does it justice)


so obviously with the decision of what i will carry my touchup makeup, chapstick, i.d. (you never know what will happen), and camera (yes, i’m bringing a camera to my own wedding… i can’t help myself) the next obvious focus is the shoes.  oh the shoes!  i’ve been looking forward to this for a while.  M even asked me what i was going to do for them… that man knows me well enough to know there would be a shoe purchase involved.  and right now?  i’m planning on buying a brown satin pair, to match the bridesmaids dresses.  then i realized that while if i could find a pair i loved that would be nice but i’m also fine with something that’s just complimentary… anything in the beige/brown/fawn family and i also fell in love with an orange-y pair that i may have to buy if they go on sale.  and while there are a few options out there it’s still hard for someone as picky as me without being able to try every pair on with my dress.  so through my months of web surfing here are the options i’ve come up with…

#1 Caparros – Victor– unfortunately i just saw that they went on sale and now they’re all out of my size : (  i really do love these


#2 Enzo Angiolini – Minerva– my obsession with Enzo is well documented so of course they’re an option


#3 Glint – Addison– umm can we just talk about the fact that i want to sleep with these on?  i may have a slight obsession.  if they go one sale they’re mine, whether i wear them to the wedding or not

#4 Martinez Valero – Camilla – i have no clue who this brand is so i don’t know much about their reliability or comfort but i love that bow

#5 Nina – Electra – definite crush on these and i almost thought they were my hands down winner except they’re very hard to find and the height makes me nervous for an entire day

#6 Nina – Paladin– i’m not sold on the closed-toe for august but i heart this color!

#7 Luichiniy – Pretty – i really love the bow on the back and would buy them except that peep toe… it’s really odd.  it’s like it just wants your big toe to mushroom out the front… i dunno

#8 Van Eli – Puppy – am i the only one who thinks of ribbon candy when looking at the stiff loops?  i do like them however… the price

#9 Stuart Weitzman – Gigritz– i won’t even bother to talk about how much i want these because there’s no chance they’ll end up in my price range… ever.  and my TJ Maxx never gets any Stewies

the nice thing is i already know what i’m wearing under the shoes.  i’ve been rocking the VS seamed thigh highs for years and am obsessed with them.  of course i’ll be wearing them in a nude color for the wedding though… which i guess i’ll find somewhere else as VS apparently only has them in black.  they’re a nice touch of sexy while still being demure.  plus i’ve tried to just draw the line myself like they did in the 40’s & 50’s and i just don’t have a steady hand.  i can’t find any pictures of them in nude so i’m not going to bother with an image.



~ today i learned… a gnu is a wildebeest (i always thought it was some sort of flightless bird) ~



  1. #1 = super cute! #9 = super cute! Me = super wishing I was able to handle the heels! I am sooo not a heels person (I own a few pairs but they rarely make an appearance) but they are all just so pretty!

    Comment by stealthnerd — December 18, 2008 @ 11:18 am

  2. Okay, first? I LOVE that you find such great deals all the time. I’m kind of jealous, actually. I wish I wasn’t so indecisive and impulsive and so darn instant-gratification centered.

    Loving all of these shoes, too, oh my goodness. Love the color of all of them, really, but especially 8 & 9 (and yes, I thought of ribbon candy, too!). I agree that the height of 5 is possibly troubling, but they’re soooo pretty. This is going to b a tough decision, I think.

    Comment by magda — December 18, 2008 @ 2:30 pm

  3. i LOVE #3 – those are one of the few shoes i’ve found in Navy that don’t look like old lady/work shoes. Love love love all of them though :) Espec. #7 – the bow on the back? Too cute!

    Comment by heidi — December 18, 2008 @ 11:43 pm

  4. […] Girls season 7.  and i got my shoes!  my wedding shoes!!  they are identical to the ones i showed here (#4 Ninas) but they have a Nine West label on them instead and what’s even better is that […]

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