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December 16, 2008

it’s my flair

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i have a tendency to be dramatic slightly irrational at times.  it’s something i don’t realize i’m doing until it’s too late and i’m already committed to the temperament.  for this reason it’s so nice to have a patient and loving future husband that tries to make me laugh rather than get upset with (or at) me during these moments.

for example – yesterday i tried to sneak out of my home office for 10 minutes to hit the USPS down the road and mail all the christmas card we finally filled out the other night.  i saw a spot on the street and pulled up in front of it and put my blinker on.  when i went to put the car into reverse it wouldn’t go.  i panicked!

wait, let me give you some background here…
the knob on my shifter has started doing this thing where it just pops off on certain days.  sometimes i’ll come out to my car to find the knob in the passenger seat and other times it does it while i’m driving down the street which, as you can imagine, is highly dangerous.  so when this pops off i usually just slam it back on the shifter stick with the palm of my hand trying to get it back into the correct spot as best i can while keeping my car on the road. 

anyway, i guess when i was a few blocks before the post office and the knob popped off i slammed it back on, but not quite straight.  so when i pulled up on the ring thing to go in reverse it wouldn’t go up all the way.  i started panicking and knew it was because of the knob being on crooked.  so i started frantically pulling on that.  i guess i have super human strength that i can’t control because that’s when the entire center console assembly was suddenly dangling from my hand.  at the same time i saw the car up ahead pull out and so i pulled straight into that spot rather than continue to sit in the road with my blinker on. 

i immediately whipped out my phone and called M.  like a big kid who can’t handle her problems i started crying about how my car was “broken” and it “wouldn’t work”.  being just vague enough to make it sound like a terrible disaster.  when he calmed me down to get the details he thought he might be able to fix it.  sure enough he left the office to come and rescue me.  i’m so happy to not only be marrying a man who is willing to drop everything to save me but also a man who’s mechanically inclined.  i mean i can fix stuff, i’m really handy, but outside of changing a flat tire/oil/headlamps/wiper blades i’m kinda useless on cars.

once M fixed my little car i went home to wrap up work and that 10 minutes i’d planned on missing had become an hour so i needed to hustle.  after that i packed up to meet my future hubs out at the jewelry store.  our guy had finally gotten the rings i requested in.  it was great to see the rings i knew i’d love.  but i’m afraid that at this point in the process i’ve become a little too picky.  i basically found a ring i loved but liked the pattern on one of their other rings better.  so they’re now checking to see if they have a combination of the two.  i can’t really explain it without you seeing the rings so i’m not going to bother to try.  on my way there i realized i forgot a belt to wear today and my laundry (one of the reasons we were spending the night at his place).

after the jeweler we went our separate ways to the gym (M) and shopping (moi).  i debated buying a new hairdryer at marshall’s where they had some nice professional ones for about $50 (oh yah, my hair dryer has decided to slowly stop working… it literally blows a little less every day).  then M called and reminded me that we had coupons for kohl’s so i headed over there.  of course i couldn’t find any of the gifts i was looking for but i found a crappy ass hair dryer and got it for $30 with the coupons. 

i went to target next to finish my mom’s gifts (that lady called me on FRIDAY to tell me things she actually wanted this year… it was perfect timing because i was already done with her given the first list she gave me of “i don’t know.  i don’t really need anything.  maybe some turtlenecks.”)  just out of curiosity, at target, i ran through the hair dryer aisle only to see that they had the same exact dryer for the same price i paid.  wft kohl’s?  why were you overpriced to begin with?!  so now i’m just angry and think i’m going to return it and get the more expensive one at marshall’s.  i just have no clue when… is it just me or is time disappearing??

so back to the point, when i was leaving target i almost got hit by about 3 different cars who were cruising 45mph down the parking lanes.  the last one came about 2 inches from t-boning me when i was on the phone with M asking him to start boiling water so i could make macaroni real quick when i got home.  i freaked out because of the car and then started crying and saying “i just want to go to bed!  i don’t even want to eat anymore.  i’m exhausted!”

like i said in the beginning i’m lucky to have someone patient who can sanely deal with these outbursts of mine.  most of the time they’re passing moments but still, i imagine they’re kind of annoying from the outside.

i know he knew what he was getting into but really each time i express my little bits of flair i’m so thankful to have someone like M.

there’s really no point to this post as i’m rereading it but i just had one of those days yesterday and needed to vent a little.




~ today i learned… John Lennon’s first girlfriend was named Thelma Pickles ~



  1. I think we all have those moments. Also, there is a blue hairdryer at target (I don’t remember the brand), but it’s always at the end of the row. It’s 8.99 or 9.99 and it is seriously the best hair dryer i have ever used. And I take my hair dryers pretty seriously. I used to be addicted to the professional ones, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

    Comment by Kris — December 16, 2008 @ 12:48 pm

  2. awww! thats very awesome of the man to come out and rescue you. sounds like a keeper (obviously, ya know, since you’re marrying him and all..)

    Comment by dmb5_libra — December 16, 2008 @ 12:59 pm

  3. Um, I had a similar day on Saturday–I’ll be posting about it soon too. Target is SCARY at this time of year!!!

    Comment by stealthnerd — December 16, 2008 @ 1:01 pm

  4. M gets a giant gold star from me for coming out and making you feel okay about everything. I have those total meltdown moments too, and people getting frustrated and/or pointing out the obvious irrationality are oh so unhelpful.

    And it’s not just you … time is definitely disappearing. Let me know when you figure out how to stop it.

    Comment by magda — December 16, 2008 @ 10:23 pm

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