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December 10, 2008

i have a date

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not a wedding date

the date i need before that, my move date!

i really wasn’t very hopeful that i’d be at this stage already.  you see when M and i became engaged i tried contacting my landlord a couple of days later.  i could never seem to catch them at home and was holding my december rent check as ransom until they talked to me.  i’dbeen knocking on their door for days when 12/1 rolled around and i decided to just leave a note withmy rent.  next thing i know my check was cashed but i still hadn’t been contacted by them.  a gave them a couple more days.  then i called, no answer, so i left a message.  i arrived home that same night to see all their lights on and they still weren’t getting back to me.  i was getting so frustrated.  it felt like they were avoiding dealing with the issue of me breaking my lease and that they were just hoping that if they just didn’t acknowledge it then i wouldn’t move.  so i resigned myself to knocking on their door or calling them every single day from there out. 

i would run out to the store, come home and knock on their door.  no answer.  go into work, call them and leave a message on my way home.  no returned call.  and then it happened.  one day i stepped out to get the mail and knocked on their door.  it opened!  there was my landlady smiling with a CONGRATULATIONS! like she hadn’t been avoiding me for a week!  whatever, i talked it over with her and she said she thought i’d have a hard time finding someone at this time of year so she set it up so i could break my lease as long as i found someone else to take over the apt.  i agreed to it, how could i not?  i know what a great find this apt. is and figured i wouldn’t have any trouble getting it off my hands.  she told me they’d be raising the rent and once she told me the new amount i was off to find a tenant.

first stop?  craigslist.  i looked at the wanted ads and saw so many people looking for multiple bedroom places.  that kinda worried me but kept moving along.  i went ahead and looked at the other posted apts. and saw a few in the same price range.  that worried me too.  i placed my ad anyway and went about my business.  within 48hrs i’d had 10 responses of interest in my apt and 3 people came to look at it.   at this point i’ve had about 20 responses.

i always hate shopping the apt to people.  how are you supposed to handle it?  i mean you can’t just show it to one person and not to anyone else until they make a decision because then you risk losing a potential offer.  but when i show it to multiple people and they’re all interested, how do you decide who gets it?  the guy who said he definitely wanted it when he was still in the apt.?  or the girl who came the day before him who said she’d let you know? 

i tried to be good about it, i put the guy’s offer on hold and told the girl someone was interested but she had first right of refusal.  she came back the next day and said she’d take it.  she’s moving to the city and i think she’ll absolutely love it!  not only is this place full of awesome stuff but the block i live on is so active.  next thing i know my landlord called me back and told me she’s moving in on the 13th.  wow?  really?!  that’s soo soon!  i was planning on the 19th.  i felt like i was just robbed of 6 days of my life.  but overall it’s fine with me, it’s just less rent i have to pay.  so we’re moving on the 10th and i’m SO excited!  excited may not be the right word.  there are so many emotions i’m going through right now. 

i can’t wait to live with M and see him every single day.  go to bed with him every night and wake up with him every morning.  i can’t even imagine what heaven that’s going to be.  not having to pack my stuff up to spend a weekend with him.  not living out of a bag while i’m there.  not having those days where the weather changes and i’m bummed because i didn’t bring that sweater or the perfect coat.  having someone who can really cook feeding me healthy food rather than mac-n-cheese with hotdogs 3 nights a week (don’t get me wrong, i will still be eating this just not as often).

but then there’s a sad part of me.  the part that knows i only have 31 days left of being a single independent woman.  i haven’t had a roommate in a few years and my roommates before never worked out so well.  i’m not good at sharing my stuff.  i have no doubt that it will be easier with M but it’s still strange to think that i will never have a place of my own, only mine, again.  i’ll never get to decorate the way i want it again without consulting with someone else.  can i still turn up the music and dance around in whatever i (don’t) have on?  how am i going to pull off my single girl behavior? 

one of the first issues is both of us getting rid of alot of stuff so we can fit in the same house.  we’d originally thought that by the time we gotmarried we’d just get a new house but with this market?  no chance.  it would be great if he didn’t already have a house, but he does so instead we’re going tohole up in there for a bit and maybe get a new house next year.  we’re even considering having something built.  but anyway, right now we’re both getting our stuff ready to sell on craigslist.  we’ve already gone through one room and thrown half of it out.  it’s crazy.  i just keep looking around my apt. trying to figure out where all this stuff is going to go.  he keeps saying he’s going to put some of it out in the shed.  uh, no way jose.  my stuff stays indoors in climate control.  sorry dude.

i’m sure i’ll have some sort of breakdown about this move before it arrives. then again there isn’t much time left and there’s so much going on between now and then.  i don’t even know when i’m going to pack.  i may have to take a day or two off of work just to do that.   it does make me kinda nervous… and yet so excited!



~ today i learned… the plastic things at the end of shoelaces are called ‘aglets’ ~



  1. Woohoo for a move date! That’s great news.

    And don’t worry about moving in with a boy. They make better roomies than you’d ever imagined :) Especially since you love him :)

    Comment by littlespoon — December 10, 2008 @ 10:22 am

  2. So glad the new tenant hunt was a success! I have a feeling I’d be really bad at turning people down. I’m glad you were strong : )

    I’m so excited for you guys! YAAY.

    I would fully support your taking a few days to move, just don’t overestimate how little time is actually in a day: in other words, don’t save a lot of stuff to do in the few days off. In my (albeit limited) experience, moving sort of morphs to fill all the time you give it. Start early! And good luck : )

    Comment by magda — December 10, 2008 @ 10:37 am

  3. Oh yay, that’s so exciting. And yes, going to sleep next to him and waking up next to him every day is going to be glorious. Trust me. I don’t think you’ll have many problems even though you didn’t always love your roommates – because M is different, he’s your one.

    Good luck with the pakcing, that’s always the part I dread. Although I think I dread the unpacking more.

    Also… mac’n’cheese with hot dogs is one of my all time favorite meals. i eat it quite frequently and every time I do, i have to tell someone how much I truly love it. oh god, that’s what I want for dinner now!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — December 10, 2008 @ 11:11 am

  4. Oh man, good luck with the consolidation! The bf and I are already planning to get a 2br place just so we can have one room devoted to shoes and computers. I am SUCH a dork for admitting that haha!

    Comment by stealthnerd — December 10, 2008 @ 11:15 am

  5. Good luck! I thought it was going to be really difficult when my boyfriend moved in, especially with us being long distance for over a year and half, me being a bratty only child with no roommates for the past 3 years, and him not having a roomie for nearly 11 years. However, it was surprisingly simple. Most of the squabbles have been how to hang the pictures. Yes, how to hang them. Not where, not what… but HOW. Otherwise, it feels like we have always lived together and I have not felt I have had to modify anything. The biggest downer has only been that sometimes you need to get away from the other person. We solved this issue by requesting a unit transfer from my two-bedroom villa to a three-bedroom townhouse with my same apartment complex.

    Best wishes!!


    Comment by QSW — December 10, 2008 @ 1:28 pm

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