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December 5, 2008

the place

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we’re going to check out some venues this weekend.  or we’re supposed to anyway.   this is the next thing on our list to get done.  it’s really necessary to be able to move forward with anything else… we need a DATE!

when we started discussing where to have such an event there were plenty of ideas that came up.  of course i have a dream in my head of where i want to have this wedding and M is definitely up for it but we’re considering going a few different ways.  here are the options we’re currently considering:

a) ceremony & reception both at a historic plantation.  the one i would like to have it at is about 30 minutes from our downtown where we’re recommending everyone stay.  we’d set up a shuttle of some sort to run everyone out to the location and of course bring them back.  i think that element would be crucial for a few reasons… 1) parking is limited there 2) no one has to worry about directions or getting there on time 3) everyone can get shitfaced and enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving.  since it would be a day time wedding we’d be back in town in time to go out with everyone there too.  there’s even a bar we want to rent out.  i’m really big on this one and it’s my first choice… not sure where it falls on M’s preference.  Berkeley plantation is the specific one i want to get

b) ceremony at my church & reception at a downtown establishment.  this would keep everyone within the city limits for everything and would really only require people to drive out to my church (on the opposite end of town) and back downtown.  the nice thing about this is again everyone would be staying downtown anyway so we could all go out on the town afterward.  one of the pitfalls for me with this plan is that my church is enormous, don’t get me wrong it’s gorgeous but i hate having small weddings in large churches.  it feels so lonely.  here’s a picture of my church with a small wedding (about the same size ours would be) and some of the in town locations we’re looking at


c) M brought this one up yesterday and is going to talk to one of his buddies about it this weekend.  he has a friend who has a 4+ acre farm with horse stables and everything.  i’m desperately trying to do outdoor without being “country” but i think this might be fun.  we’d have more leverage with what we’re able to do but again we’d probably bus everyone out there and back to avoid ruining their place and people getting lost.  we’d still have to rent all the same stuff that we would anywhere else but we also won’t have a site fee.  so we’ll see.  obviously we’ll do something for the guy who owns the place beyond just inviting them, i just have no clue what.

i guess that’s kind of where we are right now.  we’re trying like mad to get a date set before too much time passes and the holiday engagements start flooding the market.  i’m just in awe every time i talk to a location and they ask me what date i’m looking for first.  i know i’ve never planned a wedding before but do people really pick a date and only choose a location that has that day open?  that seems crazy to me.  i mean i guess if you want to try to use your anniversary or something it makes sense but other than that i can’t imagine any specific date being important enough to say you MUST get married on that date and you’ll just have to have it wherever is available.  to us the venue is so much more important.  so we’re going to check out these 3 this weekend and see where that leads us.  i’m really hoping one of them screams “you HAVE TO have your wedding HERE!” to us.  because at least then we’ll know where to start.  i know i’m going to be biased toward my plantation but i’m going to be open minded for everything (at least i’m going to try).  once we pick a place we’ll see what they have open.    

ideally we’d like to have this whole shindig wrapped up before August ends.  that being said May is pretty much out because so many people (ie. my mom and one friend) have things that will prevent them from being there.  so that really leaves April, June, July, & August.  so i would Love Love Love to have April but it just seems so soon and with so many people being from out of town i just feel like we need to give them more notice than 4 months.  so that’s kinda out.  July is just a ridiculous month.  it’s hot as hades and typically somewhere around 1000% humidity every day, so that’s kinda out.  i guess that really leaves us with June & August.  i’m voting for august if i have to choose but don’t personally care either way honestly.

~ today i learned… 3 Presidents were wed while in office ~



  1. Aw, August is nice! Plus, you don’t want it to be SO soon that you feel rushed planning. Like you said, you only get to be engaged once–enjoy it!

    Comment by stealthnerd — December 5, 2008 @ 11:25 am

  2. i’ve always loved the big plantation idea – and the picture of the one you included is gorgeous. but i love the church wedding too! I know what you mean about a small wedding in a big church though. I think whatever you choose it will be gorgeous!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — December 5, 2008 @ 11:49 am

  3. My vote is for The Plantation. It just creates such a beautiful image in my head :)

    Comment by littlespoon — December 5, 2008 @ 12:00 pm

  4. I’ve been to Berkeley Plantation! That would be soooooo lovely!

    Comment by Lexi — December 5, 2008 @ 4:00 pm

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