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November 18, 2008

wtf ronnie mcd!?!

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okay, i don’t need your emails telling me that Chipotle is no longer wholly owned by McD’s but i need to take it out on someone and Ronald just chaps my ass anyway so he fits the bill. 

i was craving guacamole the other day, nothing new.  i like to divide my mexican fast food exploits between Qdoba and Chipotle fairly even.  it’s only when i’m absolutely craving the Qdoba queso that i MUST go there.  so the other day i was craving guacamole and decided i was in the mood for the delicious creaminess that is Chiptole hand-made guacamole.  that’s their signature, right?

imagine my surprise when they slopped a giant scoop of runny guac on my burrito bowl.  wtf is that?!  that’s not Chipotle guac.  that’s some sort of impostor.  don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad.  it’s actually good.  it’s just not what i was going there for.  i can get that kind of ‘mole with chopped onion, corn, etc. at Cheesecake Factory, where it is also delicious.

who’s supposed to fill that void now?  anyone got a good recommendation for creamy thick no filler guac?



~ today i learned… the shortest sentence in the English language is “I am.” ~


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  1. this news you speak of is quite depressing. imposter guac is not acceptable.

    Comment by dmb5_libra — November 18, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

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