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November 12, 2008

and so it begins

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it started today.  i was changing stations on my XM when i noticed the backgrounds on each station changing from what they’ve always been to new colors, new designs, new logos.  then they started changing names.  i noticed there were no longer only 5 stations in the comedy genre but now plenty more.  what was happening??  and then i heard it, the name of a Sirius station coming across on my XM.  i knew the merge would come some day but i guess i never really thought about when.   so i was starting to bum out when i flipped right by it, i gasped with excitement… is it really here?  already?  i selected the station and there it was – holly.  the first holiday station to always grace the waves of my XM radio.  a couple of notes and i was suddenly in the mood.  i decided that i needed to come home and really sit down and make my gift list to send out and then skim through the lists i’ve been given and start thinking about what to get people.  that’s when perry como got me, as he does every time.  i just can’t listen to “home for the holidays” without crying and singing along.  it’s a bizarre affliction that began the year i moved to VA.  i thought it would wear off by now but i’m beginning to believe it never will.

i was already out shopping for the day for myself, i wanted to use my coupon for macy*s.  i found two maggy london dresses there and tried them on.  i bought the cheaper one but the coupon didn’t work… apparently i can’t read and it’s for next week.  oh well.  now i just can’t wait until next spring so i can wear the damn thing.  next i went to crate & barrel, i just can’t turn down a coupon… and they never do coupons.  so i got my pumpkin pie dish & lid, i guess i can scratch that off my christmas list : )  i also bought some more ornaments.  it’s sad because it’s such a waste of money considering i don’t think i’m even putting a tree up this year but for some reason i had to have them.  later i checked out TJ & Marshalls but they didn’t have anything i wanted (well except for the baby crib set i’ve been pining over… i’ve vowed that if it ever goes on sale it’s MINE!)

it wasn’t until my last stop that i even realized i was shopping out of depression.  i mean i’d just had a conversation with M last night about how i don’t want to do some gala thing this weekend because i can’t afford it.  i also chewed off my thumbnail the other day.  i only chew my nails when i’m stressed and depressed.  ugh, i hope things change soon.  i don’t like having mangled nails and i definitely don’t like to see my bank account diminish when i can’t afford it.

but now i’m in the christmas mood.  still not 100% but alot more than i was a day ago.  and i can’t wait for thanksgiving!  only because i can’t wait to make pie… and EAT pie!  i can’t wait to bring it thanksgiving dinner in my brand new dish!  i’ve already got the taste in my mouth and it’s all i really want – for desert, for breakfast, as a snack. yummmmmm.  i’m sorry but there’s nothing better than my sweet potato pie!! (toot toot)



~ today i learned…an average ear of corn has eight-hundred kernels arranged in sixteen rows~



  1. I want a pretty pie plate too!

    Oh and dwindling bank accounts? Welcome to my life. Last night after a cupcake date with Magda, I dropped about $60 at Borders, despite the massive piles of books all over my apartment. Oy vey.

    Comment by Lexi — November 12, 2008 @ 7:21 pm

  2. I’m terrible at that myself. Retail therapy feels great until you go to balance your checkbook.

    Comment by littlespoon — November 13, 2008 @ 10:44 am

  3. YES! Sweet potato pie! That was seriously the first thing I baked when I moved to VA. I bought a giant bag of sweet potatoes at the store last week and can’t WAIT to get going on one, probably this weekend. It’s seriously the best breakfast ever.

    I also busted out my Christmas music on Tuesday. I usually wait till advent, but I just couldn’t contain myself this year. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and it always seems so short … so this year, I said forget it, Christmas will last ALL FALL. And so it will. I still have all my pumpkin decorations up, but they look so nice in the glow of the Christmas lights : )

    Comment by magda — November 13, 2008 @ 11:09 am

  4. Ahh…Christmas shopping is the best and the worst. Bf and I decided to keep it low key this year to save money but I just can’t help myself. Especially b/c we’ve been a bit slow at work lately and if the boss is online shopping, I can be too, right?



    Comment by stealthnerd — November 13, 2008 @ 3:41 pm

  5. […] saw a rack that said An Extra 50% off! and i went straight for it.  there it was.  the dress i wanted to buy last week but it wasn’t on enough of a sale.  it had the same sale price […]

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