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October 31, 2008

carl d. mouse

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this week has been BALLS so far!  BALLS i say!

here’s how it’s gone so far…

sunday night –
lying on the couch watching tv i saw it, took a quick inhale and whispered to M “move slowly, there is a mouse under the radiator!”  this is the point where i begin my freak-out.  i’ve lived with a mouse problem before and it’s Not. Cool.  i know i live in a historic area and the houses are super old so you can’t avoid this but i really thought i had with this apt.  there were no mice here last year and i was not excited about this new discovery.  i immediately dispatched M to stuff all the holes, near where i saw the little guy, with brillo pads (i didn’t have plain steel wool) hoping to alleviate the furry lil’ problem.  i then called the landlord and left her a message, short and to the point, “we have a mouse.  let me know when the exterminator is coming.”

monday morning –
i figured the problem was taken care of, we’d plugged all the holes around the radiator pipes in every room.  no more mice for me.  until i saw something out of the corner of my eye and i freaked!  freaking out about creepy crawlies is way worse when you’re all alone.  so i said F this and grabbed my keys to head to the mouse trap store.  except as soon as the door closed behind me i realized i didn’t actually have my keys, now i was locked out of my mousey apt.  i knocked on the landlord’s door, nothing.  luckily i had a phone and called M to bitch about my current predicament where we ran through all the reasons i couldn’t even call a locksmith because i had no proof of residence.  after a while i continued to ring the landlord’s door bell and knock on the door when finally a groggy man answered.  it was the landlord’s son and they were on vacation.  just perfect.  after about 45 minutes of standing in the hall, and after about 20 keys had been tried in my lock, he finally got me back into my apt.  i continued on with my day as normal, setting the traps after i ran out to the store. 

tuesday –
nada.  not a mouse in sight.  no mouse droppings.  no traps triggered.  nothing.  i knew i was in the clear.

wednesday –
shit started hitting the fan early in the work day as i was thrown under the bus a few times.  all the same frustrating issues were rearing their ugly heads.  i had the “funk this i quit!” announcement in my head many times but thought better of it given the current economic instability.  then shortly after lunch i heard a noise, i got a little nervous but figured, nah it couldn’t be.  then i watched a little brown rodent run across my apt and under the fridge.  he tried to run back out from under the fridge but i let out a little high pitched “eek!” when i saw him run out and without missing a beat he ran right back under.  it was at this point that i figured i should lessen my fear of my new houseguestpest by becoming friendly, that’s when i named him Carl.  i sat paralyzed on my couch just staring at the fridge for the next 30 minutes, even as i called my landlord to find out exactly what was going to be done about this.  she said she’d call me after she talked to an exterminator and let me know when they’re coming.  she also said they’ve had them in the basement in the past but never up here… uh, okay, great, but i’m not making Carl up.  i can’t help it if mice are attracted to me, maybe i give off some weird pheromones or something.  landlord gave me some poison pellets to tide me over.

the rest of the day got exponentially more shitfilled when a friend ticked me off good.  i mentioned that i went up to see NKOTB with S and another friend last month and we were kept from our meet & greet, right?  well i was given a second chance and absolutely took my connection up on it.  who passes up meeting NKOTB?!  so i have an extremely quick trip scheduled for next weekend and i told S and the other friend the awesome news.  and last night the other girl started talking about getting there super early to hang out and drink.  umm, i’d rather gamble but she wasn’t up for that.  neither S nor i felt like hanging out in a bar and the other girl got all bitter and backed out of the event.  um, seriously??  i went out of my way to call in a favor from a contact TWICE to get on this list (that others pay hundreds to be on) and you don’t feel like going because we don’t want to blow 2 hours spending $12 on each beer?  F you then, i have other friends who’d LOVE to have the chance.  it really pissed me off that she was so ungrateful about the entire thing.  i’m fine with it now thought because i’m now going with 2 girls who actually appreciate the opportunity.

thursday –
my mom called to let me know that my pup, the one with liver cancer who is doing remarkably well given his prognosis, couldn’t walk.  one of his legs was all outstretched and he couldn’t quite get around, she was having to carry this 36lb mutt all over so she just took him to the vet.  yah, it turns out the kid pulled a ligament or some shit around his knee (or dog equivalent) and there are 2 options  1) surgery – not worth it for a dog who has been given less than a year to live, the vet even said this or 2) injections, 2x a week, for a couple of months.  so naturally my mom is doing the injections but crap, this dog just can’t catch a break (unless you count the lux life we’ve given him since taking him in from being beaten and passed from home to home).

later i came home from work and decided to check out the poison situation.  disturbing.  very disturbing.  there were a ton of them gone, Carl had been chowing down (yes, i know that where there’s one there’s a ton but i’m ignoring that fact and going with the fact that it’s just me & Carl here).  i felt pretty confident that he must have gone outside to die by now so i started to eat dinner, then M called.  i was telling him about the mouse situation when i saw a streak run by.  WTF!?!  amidst my instant freak out i banged my elbow on the computer very hard and it hurt.  fuckin’ Carl.  die already Carl!  DIE!

i’m checking back in with the landlord tomorrow, this exterminator better come soon, and i don’t mean next week.



~ today i learned… Betty Rubble wasn’t included as a Flintstones vitamin until 27 years after they started making them.~



  1. Oh man. Carl is really a shitty houseguest. We had a mouse problem at my last office. It was dreadful. I can’t imagine it being in my apt. though. Fingers crossed that your landlord get the exterminator there quickly – and perhaps Carl has already passed on to mousey heaven.

    And about your dog. You already know that I truly know how you feel. And even though he is having a tough time with the cancer and now his leg, but it’s true. You guys gave him a home. He has a home where his family cares enough about him to give him those shots. And that’s what’s important, it may be tough, but he has a family that cares about him – and I truly mean ‘family’, it doesn’t matter if he is an animal or a person.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — October 31, 2008 @ 9:34 am

  2. ohhhh I know how that is! I had mice earlier this year, in april, I think it was. both my maintenance office and my boyfriend set traps…two were caught…TWO MICE!!! gross….

    Comment by Lexi — November 2, 2008 @ 10:36 pm

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