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October 30, 2008

fat ladies singing

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i’ve mentioned before that we go to the opera.  we get season tickets each year and have for the past 3 years.  the first time we showed up for a football game and M mentioned we were at the opera the night before, he got some odd looks.  but i wasn’t going to say anything, i know how some people get about ‘the arts’ and i was going to keep it between us.  it made me smile though that he was talking about it.  anyway, we went to opening night that first season and we’ve been to every opening night since.  i love when we have a show to go to.  it’s such a great excuse to get dressed up and do dinner too.  to me it’s a real date.

well back to last week, we went to the opera and it was strange, not the opera just the evening.  it started with us doing a quick dinner of pb&j sammies instead of going out (trying to save money since we were doing my expensive (post)birthday dinner the following night).  we got to our seats and were reading through the programs, as always, when the man to my right began telling me about the great acoustics from our seats.  he mentioned they’ve sat just about everywhere in the theatre and that this area has the best sound.  i went on to tell him that the view was great too and told him we’ve been sitting there for 3 years before asking him if they’ve sat in those seats before.  that’s when M nudged me just as the man responded “we’ve been sitting in these seats for about 3 years now”… oh, uh, umm, okay.  i get it.  i’m a terrible seat neighbor.

then the show was about to begin and the lights dimmed.  we’re used to the speakers that come out before each show and give a little diatribe, especially the “thanks for coming” speech.  but this one was different, this one scared me a little.  he talked about how times are bad and how much it means that we all came out, about how serious financial troubles are impending.  then the orchestra began playing… it was the national anthem.  we all rose and sang along.  this has never happened in the 3 years we’ve been attending, they’ve never played this.  it was an amazing and scary moment all at once.  to just look around and see everyone singing, hands on hearts, and of course tears streaming down my face (there isn’t much that i don’t cry about, i could make big lists *mental note: idea for a post about what a cry baby i am*).  M remarked about how awesome it really was to hear an orchestra play it.  we hear it from band’s every week, every game, all the time.  but to hear it from an orchestra truly was magnificent, it took on a whole new beauty.  and neither of us could recall every hearing that before.  as i sat down i had a very funny feeling.

i’m not sure how many of you watch movies or shows about The depression, or about other countries when they’re in times of civil unrest and economic failure but i suddenly felt like i was in one of those movies.  i was instantly transported to being in the theatre in the beginning of Evita.  i can’t pinpoint exactly why, i guess it was just the combination of elements and the somber feeling in the crowd.  it was truly unnerving for me. 

i really hope we break out of this crisis before it gets much worse.  i curse just about every day that i didn’t get my invisalign sooner.  i mean who can afford the equivalent of an extra car payment in these times? 

freakin economy.  the good news is that i passed a gas station showing $1.98 today… i’m looking forward to going home so i can swing by and fill ‘er up! (it’s sad that this is the highlight of my day)



~ today i learned… toner in your eyes doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think it would ~



  1. WHOA?!!!! $1.98? It just hit $2.50 here and I did a happy dance. I may be jealous a wee bit.

    Comment by littlespoon — October 30, 2008 @ 12:07 pm

  2. I was so extatic when I found it for 2.21 last night and filled my car up from beyond empty for less than $25. Okay, it was $24.96, but still… that’s LESS than 25! :)

    Comment by DanceintheRain — October 30, 2008 @ 12:12 pm

  3. So my car tragically takes premium, but it was at 2.98 this week and I was SO EXCITED. I only filled up half way though, because who knows, it may go down even more!

    It’s really unsettling to think about ourselves as the cast of characters in the next depression. I was in Nordstrom tonight after work (bad!), but I was reminded of your post in a lot of ways … the store was totally empty. Granted, it was near dinner time on a Thursday, but still, it felt a bit haunting. All these fancy clothes, and not even onlookers to appreciate them. I think there’s some hope in the Great Depression analogy, though; sure as we all suffered then, we gained a tenacity, a toughness that I think is palpably missing from society today. And we pulled through. Of course, we pulled through, and we will again. I feel like we may be in for a rough few years, which probably means (a) I, too, should stay away from Nordstrom; and (b) I should stop whining about my job so dang much. There’s hope for us. though, I think. I guess that’s all I’m saying.

    Comment by magda — October 30, 2008 @ 7:55 pm

  4. And wait a minute … is that toner in your eye lesson by chance from personal experience? If so, OUCH. and sorry.

    Comment by magda — October 30, 2008 @ 7:57 pm

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