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October 27, 2008

dressin’ V

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this should be the last and final dressin’ segment.  i’m sick of trying on dresses.  i’m sick of thinking i know exactly what i want only to try on something different and think that now that’swhat i want.  i don’t need any more options.  on top of all these reasons i have decided on a dress.  (holy crap!)  of course it’s dependant on actually having a ring and purchasing it soon since it’s a sample dress and the full price version is out of my price range.  as soon as a ring is presented to me i’ll be calling the store and telling them it’s mine.  if it takes so long that the dress is gone by then, well, i guess i’ll be back to the drawing board.  luckily i have all these pictures to go back to.  on with the day…

on friday E met me at the first & last dress shop to retry on Dress 1 and also try on the dress from the bridal mall in CT.  i put on the dress from the bridal mall and felt like i could run around in it, literally.  it’s so casual not stiff and fit well that i could just run in it (if the shoes were right of course).  i thought for sure, this is it.  this is the dress, and i already know my mom and sister like it.  while i was standing in it, looking at the other dresses waiting for me to try them on i realized how conservative the dress was.  it’s not that i’m not conservative, but it may have been too conservative even for me.  my sales lady (who i highly recommend, especially because she allowed us to take all these pictures!) said my attitude was so different in this dress and that i just seemed so happy.  i’ll admit it was definitely in my comfort zone and i tried it on again before i left the store.  i thought i knew that’s what i was going to order… until i got home and looked at the pictures.  while it’s comfy it does nothing for me.  it makes me look so squat.


the next dress in line was the infamous Dress 1.  it’s the Jim Hjelm dream dress.  despite my sister’s comments that “it doesn’t look like a wedding dress”, and she doesn’t like it, i still LOVE it.  unfortunately i call it the dream dress because it’s about 3x my budget.  i’ll admit, i wasn’t as crazy about it on this time.  i guess i’d spent so much time building it up in my head that it just didn’t meet expectations.  once i saw these pictures i remembered why i love it so much.  and it photographs so beautifully.  i do have to say that the back is my favorite part. 

i went to the store with intentions of only trying these two dresses on.  but E was a few minutes late so i spent that time perusing the sample and trunk show racks and i pulled a few to try on since i had nothing to loose.  i’m glad i did too.

here’s one that i felt like Ginger Rogers in.  for someone like me who lusts after the Astaire/Rogers times it was like i was floating around in a dream.  the flow to this dress was amazing.  of course the crystal-esque buttons down the back would have to go and i’d either leave it blank or add some other pretty buttons.  i just think those ones look too cheap.  it’s also a dress i could cut back later and wear it for another event… not sure what event, but it’s an option.  as i stood there all tightly tucked into this dress it suddenly hit me, it reminds me of my bathing suit!  after looking at these pictures i am even more in love with the back… i love the way it’s gathered and i just adore the way the skirt falls from it.  it looks heavenly.  my sister did point out that it makes me look wider in front than i need to look.  then again i think standing next to people would put it into perspective too.

i tried on this dress that’s *gasp* strapless!  i really liked the mix of the dress with the satin jacket.  i feel like it’s a really good mix of all the things i was looking for.  the only catch is that the cups on the front remind me of a seashell.  it looks like someone slapped two clams on my chest.  but i do love the look of this dress all tied together (imagine it fitted).

and the last dress i tried on was this lovely creature which i was completely surprised i even pulled out.  it was by far the heaviest dress i tried on and the sparkliest one that i liked.  it was made by spanish designer Pronovias which seems about right considering from the first time i looked in the mirror all i could think of was Selma Hayek (sans enormous boobs of course).  my sister surprisingly loved this one.  i thought for sure she’d hate how sexy it was but i guess the sparkles got her.  she loved the way the train comes from so high up too.  which is pretty, but like i said, extremely heavy.

so that’s it.  i do still like the other two from the last shop but i think i found my dress here (as long as no one else snags it before me).  i also talked to M, i’m keeping it traditional by not letting him see the dress but i told him i think i found it.  and since we’re paying for the entire wedding ourselves he asked the price and i told him.  to which he became excited and said “WOW!  that’s a GREAT price! from what limited info i know about wedding dresses anyway.”  and he’s right.  he offered to go buy it now.  i told him i’m not buying it until we have this official but it was yet another moment that cemented in my head that we’re really going to do this.  i’ve known it all along (as much as the delays have frustrated me) but when he offered to buy my wedding dress that day it was yet another affirmation. 

so now i’m just keeping my fingers crossed that no one else swoops in on my dress before i get a ring.  i’m trying not to get my hopes up too high just in case.  but i’m actually excited about it more than feeling like it’s a chore, like i was before.  i had dreams about this dress all weekend and day dreamed about it when i wasn’t dreaming.

so, what dress do you think i should have picked??



~ today i learned… the name of the beer, Budweiser, was named so after a Czec town, Budweis, that was founded by german speaking peoples ~



  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re getting excited about this instead of dreading the shopping trips–and I’m glad you found a dress!! :)

    Comment by stealthnerd — October 27, 2008 @ 11:55 am

  2. I love dress #3, personally.

    Comment by Lisa — October 27, 2008 @ 4:47 pm

  3. So exciting! Obviously given the great price the Jim Hjelm isn’t the choice, but it is GORGEOUS.

    Comment by Megkathleen — October 27, 2008 @ 6:34 pm

  4. i love love love the jim hjelm. gorgeous!!!!!

    Comment by dmb5_libra — October 28, 2008 @ 11:02 am

  5. #2!

    Comment by apollocreed — October 28, 2008 @ 11:57 am

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