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October 21, 2008

cough, sneeze, cough

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i’m feeling better.  not completely cured yet but well on my way there.

i went to the dress shop at the end of the day friday just to get it over with.  i’ve already showed you the results but what you can’t see in the pictures is the fact that i tried to put color on my face by making myself up but ended up looking more like a working girl, and that my body was on fire the entire time.

even though it was M’s weekend we spent friday night at my house since i felt so bad.  that way if i wasn’t feeling well on saturday he could just head up to his sister’s without me and i could stay in bed.  when the alarm went off early saturday a.m. i decided to go with him.  i still wasn’t feeling great but i was feeling better (pretty much anytime you’re throwing up for half a day every day after that feels “better” even if you’re still sick).  of course the first place we went was to the baseball games where it was about 48° in the sun.  luckily i brought a few blankets, a winter hat, and gloves.  i bundled myself up under all of this and watched the games.

since we didn’t quite get to have my birthday dinner we had made reservations to have it saturday night instead, M had already told his family that we were going to have to leave not long after lunch to get back here in time.  and then we left almost 2hrs after we should have.  not a big deal, i still couldn’t taste much anyway so we called and moved the reservation to this coming week.  i still can’t wait to have a big bowl of pumpkin soup!

then on sunday we got up to head out to the river.  once we got seated in the canoe i changed my mind.  for whatever reason i didn’t want to do it anymore.  it was the thought of tipping.  it was barely 55° out and i wanted nothing more than to not have to get in that water.  so when they handed us the map of where we were going i freaked out.  i didn’t want to do any rapids.  ut uh.  that’s not what i signed up for.  so we started to paddle and every time M made the slightest movement that i could feel through the canoe i lost it.  i’d stop paddling, grab the sides of the canoe, and start in with “oh my god.  what are you doing??  why is the canoe shaking?? STOP moving!!”.  and then we came upon the first set of rapids.  that’s when i started to cry.  no lie.  there i was floating down the James all of 26(to the 3rd power) years, wrapped up in a life jacket, 3 layers of clothes, crying like a big baby.  i told M i didn’t want to do it anymore, i wasn’t having fun.  it just wasn’t the day for me.  i was still partly sick and not feeling it at all.

we stopped to fish a few times, caught nothing.  there was a brief period where we put our canoe into a set of rocks for a good 20 minutes while i got over my nerves of going down the class 2 rapids in front of us.  in the end we had a good time and i got over my fears.  i even got really good at navigating the rocks.  my main concern was getting sideways in the rapids and that really only happened once because we were part on a rock… but we never tipped.  so that was good.  and M made so much fun of me for wearing my wellies but they really came in handy.  i was the one who would get out and pull the boat up onto the rocks so he could step out onto dry land.  but it was so beautiful that day

 (i’m not sure why he’s fishing out of the canoe we dragged onto shore rather than standing on the rocks)

and now i’m still a little ill but i guess it’s starting to drain… that would be why i’m constantly having to clear my throat and still dealing with this cough that started on saturday.  i’m hoping to be back to normal by the end of this week.  we have our first opera of the season and my birthday dinner to get through and i’d like to be able to enjoy them.

~ today i learned… 6 stars on the Hollywood walk of fame belong to fictional characters ~



  1. That’s such a sad picture of you, all bundled up at the game. But an awesome photo of M! Strange, sure, that he’s standing in the canoe, but so picturesque! I love it.

    Being sick pretty much sucks a lot of the good energy out of everything. I’m glad you had an okay time though! I went canoeing for the first time since girl scout camp earlier this summer, and I had the same fears about capsizing; we didn’t, though, and it was so, so much fun. It was a lot warmer, though, which I think makes a difference.

    Comment by francie — October 21, 2008 @ 10:44 am

  2. Boo to still being sick. That just blows. But good for you for bucking up and doing something this weekend regardless.

    Comment by littlespoon — October 21, 2008 @ 11:38 am

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