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October 20, 2008

dressin’ IV

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i’m still not feeling like myself so i’m going to continue with the dress shopping excursions as i’m almost done, my last dress appointment is this friday.  this is the one where i’m going back to the very first place i went to and hopefully trying on my Dress 1 and the other dress from my CT trip and be able to take photos.

i went to a shop in town all by myself early last week when i was only feeling like i might get sick and tried on a ton of dresses.  i tried on a strapless which was gorgeous in so many ways and if i liked strapless i would have spent the $3k on it.  but i also tried on a ton of non-strapless dresses here, they had SO many.  and i narrowed it down to the following 4…

(keep in mind i took snuck pictures in the dressing room where there were no clips on the dress making it fit me all snug and pretty… i’m pulling the dresses back as best i can with one hand but they don’t look nearly as nice as they did 3 minutes before i took the photo when they were fitted to my body)

here is dress A from this trip.  it’s a watters dress and is SO sexy on.  i love the way my body looks in it and the way it makes me feel.  but it’s taffeta, it’s thicker and heavier than most dresses i tried on.  it’s very structured and fitted.  oh yah, and i’d be adding a piece of fabric in the front V since i’m not about to show my ribcage bones and my boobs can only be pushed up and in so much. 

here it is on the model and while you can’t see the detail you can see the shape a little better, how it’s tighter in the hips etc.  it also has a gathering in the skirt on the side that you can’t see very well but it’s pretty. (and i LOVE this girl’s hair.  i’m all about big fancy hair!)

then i tried on this dress which i thought i liked but once i looked at the online photos and what it would look like in my size i realized that i didn’t love the dress as much as i just loved the obi-esque belt/sash.  i like the idea of paying some homage to M’s japanese heritage.

i guess i’m just a sucker for a v-neck and back.  the next dress i put on was a total shock.  i wasn’t crazy about it on the hanger.  the lace ends around the knee/shin area and i thought it looked silly.  i completely changed my mind when i put it on.  it’s SO comfortable.  i can’t even describe how cozy this dress is.  and who doesn’t want to be that comfy on their wedding day?  i mean really it could be pajamas.  and it’s so light too… if we end up with an August date it’ll be necessary to have something that light and airy.  i could just see myself effortlessly running around in this.  i loved the buttons on the back too… they end right on the largest curve of the butt and it just looks so pretty.  unfortunately i couldn’t get a decent picture of the back on…

i love it in the ivory and here’s the model in white

and lastly i found this next dress on the sample sale rack.  i’ve tried it on before, but here it was $2640 off… only $700!  the price definitely made me consider it again.  it’s about half the price of most dresses i’m looking at but i’m still not sure i loveit.  it’s the lazaro i tried on in CT that my family liked but i wanted to remove the scallops from.  after looking at it like that i still would remove the scallops.  i’m just not sure i love the shape entirely.  it probably means i shouldn’t get this dress but budget is one of the deciding factors… unless of course we hit megamillions tomorrow!

i dunno.  i was struggling so i brought E back with me on friday, when i still felt a little like i was dying.  we narrowed it down to these 3.  really, though?  i think it’s narrowed down to 2 of those… the Lazaro is a great price but it still doesn’t hit me as the dress i want to get married in.  we’ll see.

as usual you can click on any of the images to see more detail in them.  even with the two i really liked from this store i’m in the same situation that i was before.  i’ve fallen in love with 2 completely different styles.  1) the satiny, sexy, trumpet gowns and 2) the soft, beautiful, classic, pretty lace gowns.  i can’t decide which one i want more.  i’m kinda getting over the “this is too formal for an outdoor imaginary wedding” thing but even still i’m torn between picking things that you can’t compare.  it’s just like the bachelor… they always end up with 2 people that are so different. 

i should have more pictures after friday and then i’m done.  i’m not looking anymore because the last thing i need is more options.  if you have any opinions on what you think is more appropriate or maybe something looks bad on me, PLEASE let me know.  it’s hard to be objective with this and my brain needs input from others.  that’s why i bring people with me but they’re only so much help too.



~ today i learned… dreamt is the only English word ending in the letters ‘mt’ ~



  1. Based on all of the pictures, I’d vote for the third one, but ONLY if you feel like you LOVEIT! love it! B/c I wasn’t totally in love w/my junior prom dress and no matter how pretty it was, to this day I feel “meh” when I look at the pictures. But you looked SO pretty in that one! And while normally I’d be w/you on the scallops (my least favorite structural detail) but they do look really pretty and really flattering.

    Comment by stealthnerd — October 20, 2008 @ 1:54 pm

  2. I have to say I’m a big fan of the sexy trumpet style. I love the one in the first picture. It’s just the right amount of sexy.

    Comment by Megkathleen — October 20, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

  3. i love the first one on you, it looks gorgeous. as far as the last lazarro one, I truly love that dress, but i think some of the others look a lot nicer on you. Although, that could be due to the fact that you had to hold it in place with your hand.

    i like the strapless dresses, but all of these you tried on are soooo beautiful with the straps.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — October 22, 2008 @ 12:19 pm

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