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October 17, 2008

good news?

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okay, so i guess the good news is that i just ate 2 pieces of toast and a bowl of applesauce and it’s staying down.  then again, it’s only been about 5 minutes so that can still change.

basically i mentioned that my throat was sore the other day and yesterday i woke up feeling awful.  my body ached, my head was all off, i wasn’t in good shape.  still, i popped as many pills as i could and still be legally allowed to drive and headed off to pick up my client who was imposing on me.  yesterday was the kind of day better spent in bed.

i was a mess all day, no appetite, forcing a client lunch down, and sweating/freezing every other minute.  i dragged my client out of there as soon as i could and headed back to my town where i promptly turned him down for dinner.  i know it’s shitty and completely inhospitable but i was in no way going to be good company for dinner and all i wanted to do all day was crawl into bed.  being up and “functioning” is not what i like to do when i’m sick.  i’m a believer that you should listen to your body.  if your body is saying TAKE A NAP, RELAX, STOP MOVING… you should.  not doing so doesn’t make you strong or a trooper, it makes you sicker.  i’m not a biologist or any type of person who did well in science but the human body is an amazing thing.  it’s set up in such a way that it can heal itself, you just have to comply with what it’s telling you to do.

so anyway once i got home i scoured the medicine cabinet for nyquil, popped my pills, grabbed my blanket, threw the back cushions off the couch, and curled up feeling the massive amounts of heat my body was producing and promptly passed out.  around midnight i woke up and took some more meds and moved the slumberfest to my bed.  about 6am i woke up feeling… not tired at all.  my nose was a little runny but i actually felt good.  for about a minute.  then i ran into the bathroom and scrambled to take my invisalign out before i had to get my face over the toilet… just in time!

the vomiting continued for about 20 minutes… not that there was anywhere near 20 minutes worth of stuff in my belly, you know how that goes.  then i took a nap, ate a banana and napped again.  i woke up to that familiar feeling and ran straight for the bathroom.  i tried everything this morning, bread, coke, cheese, water, and my stomach wanted nothing to do with any of these.

i decided to can it and just go back to sleep. so i did.  and now, at 1pm i was able to eat something resembling nourishment and so far so good!

that’s just my update.  sorry for the gross details but if you saw how i looked right now after a night tossing and turning drenched in sweat you’d know that it fits me today.  i just hope that means i’ll be better soon because i have a dress apt. this afternoon, shopping with M’s family tomorrow, and then our canoe/fishing trip on sunday.  i do NOT want to feel this lousy for that.  i want to enjoy it!

have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Aww feel better!! And no vomiting on the dresses!

    Comment by stealthnerd — October 17, 2008 @ 1:42 pm

  2. Feel better soon! I was wondering if you were okay; I’d missed your posts : )

    I once puked right outside a bridal shop when my sister was there for her final fitting. I was really pretty sick, but was adopting the “I’m a trooper” mentality and was in denial (which you so rightly advise against … it didn’t work). We got into the shop, and it was hot, and then cold, and then hot again. I ran outside to the trash can on the sidewalk, just in time. It was so not a good moment.

    So stay in bed! Get well! And have a great weekend!

    Comment by magda — October 17, 2008 @ 1:54 pm

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