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October 10, 2008

dressin’ II

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** i must first note that i’m not sure how i feel about posting these pictures of myself since my blog is relatively anonymous but i guess people who know me will know it’s me by my stories anyway so i’m giving it a shot.  i also thought about posting each store on it’s own to save you from long posts but i have zero patience so that didn’t happen**

so after that first experience i still didn’t have much of an idea what THE Dress was going to look like, but i still had Dress 1 in my head.  i wanted to make sure i got that one on in front of my family to get their reaction.

we had 2 appointments that day and knew of another store we wanted to run into in between.  so all of the girls headed out to the first store of the day.  my mom, sister, 2 nieces, and S all stood in the foyer of this store staring, aimlessly oogling the people walking briskly by hoping one of them would stop and ask if we’d been helped or if we had an appointment.  i think the sight of 2 toddlers starting to touch everything finally got to the associates and they decided to help us so they led us up a flight of stairs to the elusive dress showroom.  the girl helping me didn’t ask many questions.  once i told her what i wasn’t looking for she lectured me on how limited my options would be and told me to try on a strapless.  the case she made was that a strapless wedding dress is made so much better and fits much more flattering and comfortably than any other dress.  i was game to try on anything because she obviously didn’t care that the reason i didn’t want strapless was about my shoulders and not the fit. 

the girl then hopped into the big dress closet and dragged every single dress down the rack, one by one, and told me to pick out what i wanted to try on.  we had about 4 dresses in the end and one of them was *gasp* strapless, but they didn’t have my jim hjelm dress.  booo.  i even asked her for the dress specifically by the style number and she proceeded to try to convince me another one was that style.  we eventually resolved this by her bringing in their pages only to see that the style number i was naming was correct and she was wrong… why did she pretend to know?  they whited out the style numbers so you had no clue what you were looking at but i’m smart and held it up to the light.  then she told me that they change the style numbers in their store so in this store, that was that style number.  it was odd.

anyway, i tried on a couple of dresses that were, well, meh.  the only picture my sister took in this shop was the strapless dress (this was one of those places where you have to sneak photos because there are signs everywhere saying NO PHOTOS!)

my mom and sister stuck by their comments that they liked strapless but even with these photos i stick by the fact that i don’t think it looks bad i just think other shapes look better on me… somuch better.  the only thing this picture really showed me is that my elbow bones are super pointy.  so that was my confirmation of “strapless is not for me”.  during this fitting i also tried on a pretty lazaro gown that was over 300% out of my budget and even felt a little too old/mature for me.  i was really picky about the scalloped edges and my family vehemently disagreed with me when i talked about having them removed.  apparently my mom and sister really like sparkly/big/poufy… this first store was where i realized that they weren’t going to be much help.  because while i knew they’d want something different than i did (story of my life) i thought they would at least try to tell me what looked best out of what i liked.  here’s the lazaro i tried on (you should be able to click on any of these if you want to see them bigger):

so we realized we weren’t finding what i wanted at this store and the girl was not the slightest bit helpful.  she apparently had ZERO desire to sell a wedding dress to me.  maybe it was the lack of shiny on my left hand, maybe all her hairspray had affected her brain, who knows.

so next we set off to a consignment shop where S and i decided to be goofy when my sister told us she was going to take a picture

a lady walking through the plaza had a very confused look on her face and we were just holding hands and laughing when she said “congratulations”.  we were pretty sure she thought we were marrying each other.  oh well.  the store had a huge selection of consignment dresses and i even found a Lhuillier for under $2k.  unfortunately it was a bit snug and i could not deny it with these pictures.  it was a little too slinky and revealing for my conservative tastes:

it's not your monitor... my ass looks HUGE

it's not your monitor, my thighs look HUGE

 so after seeing these pictures i decided a definite NO on this dress but i highly recommend this store if you’re in CT. 

we left there and headed to a place called The Bridal Mall.  they boast having “over 700 different dresses” but it seemed like they were all from 2 designers.  despite the lack of selection once you take out the dresses i don’t want we actually did alright here.  we had 2 dresses that we all really liked.  i ended up narrowing this one out of the field:

you can’t see the detail on this dress but it’s STUNNING in person.  and the back… so pretty!  unfortunately there was no one else in the shop so we couldn’t sneak in any pictures while the girl was distracted.  but the detail on this dress is the gathering in the hip, the gathering down the back, and the straps, they have alot of sparkle to them.  and i’m sure you can figure out that’s why i took this one out of the running.  it looks totally lifeless in this picture but on it was just SO pretty.  i really wish these places would lighten the f up and let you take pictures.  it’s really hard to remember all the details when you’ve looked at so many dresses.

anyway the other dress we saw here is still in the running.  alas, there are no pictures on the web which is fine because i’m trying to find it locally to try on again.  the first dress shop i went to is having a trunk show for this brand in a couple of weeks so we’re hoping this dress comes with it.  they’ll allow me to take pictures and everything so hopefully i’ll be able to put it up against Dress 1 and really see which way i’m leaning.

so i learned a few more things on this trip and that was

  1. slinky negligee dresses do not flatter me, i need a dress with structure
  2. wedding shops are seriously crazy with the NO PHOTOS crap.  it makes me very mad.
  3. some shops change the style number of a dress and rip out the vendor tags so you have no clue what you’re trying on.  it’s all very sneaky and suspect.

i’ve been to one other store so far… maybe we’ll talk about that on monday

have a great weekend!



~ today i learned…Roosevelt was the youngest president to take office at age 42 ~



  1. You are seriously prepared. I think it’s great you’re trying on so many different styles. And believe me when I say, when you put your dress on, you will know! :)

    Comment by littlespoon — October 10, 2008 @ 9:39 am

  2. wow who knew about the craziness of bridal shops…..i remember running around to every bridal shop in town for my debutant ball (yeah…i was one of those), and none of them seemed sneaky. but they did try to sell me crap i wasn’t looking for, which was infuriating. i think most of the people in those big shops work on commission.

    Comment by dmb5_libra — October 10, 2008 @ 11:02 am

  3. I’ve seen that lazaro dress on say yes to the dress, and i agree about the scallops. I hope the other dress is at the trunk show for you to try on again!

    also, love the smiley faces on your pictures, haha.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — October 10, 2008 @ 1:20 pm

  4. That first shop sounds horrible! Although I have to say I think the Lazaro dress is drop dead gorgeous.

    Comment by Megkathleen — October 10, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

  5. I don’t think your thighs could look HUGE..!!

    Comment by Kerry — October 13, 2008 @ 11:34 am

  6. Sounds like you are well on your way to finding THE dress…that’s gotta be a relief. Where in CT is this store? I’m there every other weekend to see the BF and it would be awesome if it were near him (even though I’ll have to drop him elsewhere while I look haha!)

    Comment by stealthnerd — October 13, 2008 @ 2:24 pm

  7. […] our size hips are supposed to be quite boobalicious (we’re not) and she’s got weird elbows too.  pardon the wrinkly dress, ignore the ugly shoes and her paleness too, she’ll be […]

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