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September 26, 2008


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  • has anyone else ever been in such denial about their size that their generic spanx exploded?  okay, so it didn’t break off into a million pieces when i inhaled but the seams definitely did rip when i went to take them off.  uggh… i guess i should just go in and get the large after all. 
  • it finally happened to me!  i’ve been moved to the New facebook.  i’m blah about it.  yah it blows but i’ll figure it out eventually.  i just keep reminding myself that i detested fb entirely when i first joined it and came to love it so i’m sure hoping this will be the same. 
  • the re-released Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and BOOberry for halloween this year!!  it’s so exciting.  i stocked up.  not sure about you guys but my stores never have these anymore, yet i look every time.  so when i saw them in a display i filled my cart!  i am bringing them on my trip too!
  • i’m not really packed or anything and have to leave today.  i’ve got my packing list done except for my daily outfits.  i have a hard time packing for weather that can change any minute.  stupid rain. 
  • what is appropriate to wear when you meet your teen idols?  no, not my man KC, but NKOTB.  and i WILL totally post a picture
  • i’m going to cry if it rains the entire weekend and we can’t go to Six Flags.  i’ve been looking forward to it since i hatched the plan in June.  and we didn’t go to busch gardens at all because we’d be going in CT.  i may shed some tears over this… i’m bringing sneaks just in case!
  • um, yah, caught a clip of super magician (read heavy with sarcasm) David Blaine’s finale and… ughh… how embarrassed was he!  love it.
  • i think i may be the only girl i know who looks forward to her “annuals”.  i don’t know why i do… maybe it’s the reassurance i get knowing nothing is wrong down there, or maybe it’s because i like talking to my doc, i dunno but i’m excited for this afternoon.  i’m really hoping that the discussion to get me off this pill and onto something pill-less is successful.
  • apparently i DO look good in trumpet dresses.  i fell in love with them last night.  the dress i had in my head?  not so hot on me, pretty blah actually.  i also broke the ONE rule i swore i’d stick to… don’t try on anything you can’t afford.  i’m officially smitten with jim hjelm.  too bad i’m poor.
  • i can’t wait to see my nieces!! 
  • i can’t wait to dole out gifts tomorrow morning and see whose got my birthday gifts ready to give me!
  • i’m wearing wellies today and bringing them on my trip.  it’s the only positive i can find in these craptastic rain filled weekends.

have a great weekend everyone!  i’ll probably be back next thursday. 



~ todayyesterday i learned… the word “ort”.  it means a scrap or morsel, a bit leftover. ~



  1. Okay…in all fairness to David Blaine, I think his plan was to miss the mat by a bit. B/c he clearly knew how long that bungee cord was. I think the whole point was that the dive was boring and he “mysteriously” disappeared into to the night (aka he was mysteriously airlifted out). But…yeah, it was super lame.

    Comment by stealthnerd — September 26, 2008 @ 11:40 am

  2. I say go to Six Flags even if it’s raining! I went once when it was POURING and it was still a blast.

    Comment by Megkathleen — September 26, 2008 @ 7:40 pm

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