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September 23, 2008

oh the ‘stache

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okay, so this is for all those people ending up at my site wondering about LC’s ‘stache.

it’s a little something i like to refer to as the sun’stache.  it’s not caused by hair.  there’s no dark hair there at all… but you can only see that in person.  it’s a hyper melanin pigmentation (or something like that) called melasma.  it’s not usually a genetic thing when you see it on 20 something girls, though i’m sure there are some people out there for whom it actually is genetic.  in girls of this age it’s normally caused by a reaction from birth control.  the extra estrogen hormones create an excess of melanin which in turns darkens the skin pigment in certain areas when it’s exposed to sunlight… normally where men DO grow excess facial hair, above the lip and in the sideburns area.  so the tanner you become, the more noticeable the spots become.  unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done to fix it once it starts.  the options quickly become   a) go off the pills   b) try to lighten the skin in those areas with a lotion that has hydroquinone (a bleaching agent) and glycolic acid in it  but it’s not hte most effective method at all as it may not make any noticeable difference and these creams ain’t cheap when they have a decent amount of these chemicals in them.

how do i know all this?  well last summer i started to see my own sun’stache appear and i freaked out.  i looked in the mirror under the best lighting and every angle possible to make sure that there was no hair there.  after checking with my Dr. sure enough she explained it to me.  once winter came and my tan faded it faded too… i completely forgot about it until this summer when i started getting tan again.  i used the creams last year, didn’t see much of a difference.  some Dr.s will say that you should change birth control to make it go away, claiming that the lower estrogen doses will help you avoid this.  i can call bullshit on that with 100% certainty as when i developed this i’d just started on one of the lowest estrogen dose pills out there.  and with all the pills i’ve been on before i never had this happen. 

so hopefully LC is thinking about what she’s going to do to fix hers too.  as for me?  i’m requesting a new pill-less method of birth control this week.

maybe the Today sponge? anyone? (c’mon seinfeld fans)



~ today i learned…the letters KGB stand for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti… translated to Committee for State Security ~


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  1. good luck! hopefully you’ll find something perfect. A non-stached notsojenny is the best kind, but of course we’d love you anyway : )

    Every time I think of the KGB I think of that one scene in A Fish Called Wanda where Kevin Kline is BSing about debreifing KGB defectors in John Cleese’s neighborhood. Sooo hilarious.

    Comment by magda — September 23, 2008 @ 10:50 pm

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