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August 28, 2008

the haul

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that’s what M calls it when i have a backseat full of shopping bags.  that’s one of the great things about him, he likes to go shopping with me.  standing around while i’m trying things on may not be his favorite time of day but he does like to help me.  whenever he can come into the fitting room with me, he does.  and he’ll be the first one to say that he doesn’t like it.  that it hits me in the wrong places.  that if it was a half inch longer it’d be better.  i love that because i need opinions… or validation, whatever.  i like to take credit for M being like that too, as i’ve said before he sits patiently through WNTW and ‘how do i look’ all the time and he learns something.  plus he’s got a good style.  he’s not metro or trendy but he always looks nice.  except for his beloved camp shirts… ugh, i despise those things.

anyway, for the past two weekends we’ve done A TON of shopping.  i got the shopping bug when my sister was here and we were out shopping for her.  i had been looking for me but just wasn’t finding anything so the following weekend M and i hit marshall’s and macy*s.  macy*s was having a sale which sucked me right in, but i was trying to be good and not spend too much so i did put certain things back on their racks at both stores.  well, as it always happens, i thought about those items all week.  so the following weekend i knew i had to have them so we began the hunt, going to every marshall’s within driving distance to find them.  we also stopped at stores for M since he was looking for a few things too.  and as my poor savings habits can account for, i bought things at those places too.

so here’s what i got…
these awesome d’orsay pumps!  from the clearance rack thank you, saved 73% from the original.  sure i’ll only get one wear out of them this year, but next year i’ll be rockin’ em. (you can’t tell in the picture but they’re more cream than white)

i also got a great pair of KC jeans (that don’t photograph well) and a bunch of tops that i’ve since returned.  it turns out, i don’t think silk looks good on me.  i also bought a few really nice work dresses at macy*s because the sale was too good to pass up.  but when i found out that i didn’t get the job i returned all but one.  it’s SO comfortable! (ignore the fact that i’m too lazy to button it up for a picture)

the sweater i was coveting, that i looked at every marshall’s for was this one (in a khaki/gold).  my favorite detail?  the little buttons on the belt loops, the one in the back is my favorite!  i did finally find it and i can’t wait to wear it!

so i got a bunch of other things that were great deals, sweaters, tops, sundresses at various stores…

i’m really excited about the black CK dress above … my sister got one when she was here but i just couldn’t find one in my size, until now.  and the little polkadot sundress from Loft?  can’t wait to wear it to the beach next year. 

oh yah, i also got some stuff for my home…

i’m really excited about the teapot.  my mom brought back teaballs from china and i can’t wait to use them (they open into lotus flowers).

but even though i bought all this stuff, and got great deals.  and even though i actually think i might trade the black CK dress in if i can find another style i like better i’m really excited about my haul.  but i haven’t even mentioned the best part.  and it’s these shoes… they were bought on the last stop of the day because M wanted to go into the store.  i didn’t even bring my purse in because i refused to buy something, so i guess technically M bought them.  but i just couldn’t pass them up.  they were $7!  seven freakin dollars, they were 80% off the markdown!!  i love the super sale racks!!  i’ve already worn them and they’re super cute with jeans and very comfortable.  i’m awesome!

that’s almost everything.  there was another top or two but i’m returning them… i’m not made of money afterall.  but after listing this out, all this does is make me wanna’ shop some more.  which i just may considering it’s a craptastically rainy day here and will be like this until next week.  what else are you supposed to do when it rains??



~ today i learned… Kermit D Frog is left handed (i LOVE that guy!) ~



  1. So the moral of this story is that persistence pays off, eh? This is QUITE the haul, and I am in fact quite envious of your style. I usually find I don’t have the time/patience to suss out these deals, and as a consequence buy far less for far more. Hmmm. Maybe I should work on that.

    Comment by magda — August 28, 2008 @ 12:39 pm

  2. […] for next summer… can’t wait to pair it with an ivory or rose color cardigan and my new ivory pumps! (it’ll look more flattering when i have a tan again) at this point i was twirling and […]

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