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August 11, 2008


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we went to a concert on friday night.  it was a great show.  but it really made me realize what a event snob i truly am.

you see with the jobs i’ve had in recent years i’ve always been connected to sports and entertainment industry professionals.  therefore i’ve been able to go to just about any event and even better, i always go VIP.  private suites, free food and booze, backstage passes, meet the celebrities, the whole shebang.  for this concert M and i just decided we’d go, i didn’t call in any favors.  i knew we’d have a great time and it was a great excuse to go out of town and stay somewhere even if only for one night. 

everything was great.  until we got to the venue.  we sidled up to the bar and waited.  and waited.  kept throwing elbows to maintain our place and kept waiting.  then finally we’d get service.  $6 for a beer?  seriously??  people always pay for this? 

then we made our way to the floor in front of the stage.  beer everywhere.  my poor beautiful expensive (even on sale) flats sticking to the floor.  i tried to ignore that.  what i couldn’t ignore were the a-holes everywhere.  people dancing right into me.  people stepping, nay, standing on my toes.  one jerk even decided he was above the laws of the smoke free establishment and lit up a cigarette right next to me… about 6 times throughout the show.  i was tempted to raise my hand and tell on him.  i was in this mess for about a minute when i realized that it’s SO not for me.  the show was great.  phenomenal even.  but watching it like this?  not nearly as enjoyable.  i can’t deal with people who won’t even leave me an inch of personal space.  and i can’t even tell you how many dirty looks i gave people, or how many times i gently shoved the person next to or in front of me, just a simple hint to let them know they’re literally standing on me!  uggh… i don’t like it.

the worst part was that i had beer spilled on me 3 times.  all from M.  he warned me that it was probably going to happen but by the time he was that drunk i’d had it with the event in general and may have snapped at him.  but he doesn’t remember that.  he doesn’t remember much from that night.  just having a good time.  which is all i could ask for.  he doesn’t remember alot of the walk back to the hotel where i tried to keep him walking straight and upright.  he doesn’t remember getting up about 5 times in the middle of the night, once walking to the bathroom, turning immediately and walking to the closet, and then turning back to the bathroom.  i found all of this highly entertaining.  we don’t drink often.  therefore i don’t see M smashed much at all.  when he is i’m usually drunk too and we’re at his house and all that happens is he disappears.  i always find him later sound asleep in bed.  he’s so cute.

anyway, back to the concert.  when we got there i saw a guy with his kids.  i thought, “oh how cute.  he’s exposing his kids to his music.  i can totally see M doing that someday (should they still be playing that far in the future).”  then as the night wore on i continued to glance in that general direction.  the kids were still there with their dad, just smiling and listening.  part way through the headlining band i realized it was after midnight, and they were saying “fuck” a lot.  i glanced over and the kids were still there.  it was about 2am when all said and done.  what i thought was cute and fun when i saw it at 9pm quickly became something i found highly inappropriate at midnight.  these kids were young.  too young to be hearing these words and out this late.  heck, i could barely stay awake.

oh well, to each his own i guess.



~ today i learned… apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. ~



  1. this is probably why i generally don’t go to concerts. I hate having people all up in my biznass and you think $6 for a beer is bad? It’s $7.50 at the new nats stadium…for a miller light.

    Comment by legallyheidi — August 11, 2008 @ 3:23 pm

  2. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, looking out for other people’s kids in my head. With bedtimes, and venues, and environments–I’m all, wait a minute, these are just little people. They need to be at home asleep with their care bears nightlight. They shouldn’t have to know about any of this for many, many years. Kids so often just want to be grown up, but I hope that for mine, I can defend their childhood and their innocence as long as appropriately possible. They won’t like me then. But I expect they’ll be glad about it later.

    Comment by magda — August 12, 2008 @ 6:50 pm

  3. Ugh, I did floor seats at a concert once–wanted to kill myself! I got elbowed in the head a lot! (I’m short!) and even had this one girl, like, horse-kick me in the shin with her stilleto. She just jammed the heel right into my leg. That was the last time I decided to get up close and personal with the stage.

    Comment by stealthnerd — August 14, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

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