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August 7, 2008


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Guilty White Man Syndrome

it’s an epidemic.

i mention this because i went to the post office yesterday.  i walked up to the stamp machine in the lobby only to see those tacky “forever” stamps as the only option.  knowing full well they have much better looking stamps, and being as vain as i am that it transfers to the look of my outgoing mail, i opened the lobby door and got in line.  there were two people working the counter.  a slow older man and a young chipper woman.  a black woman.  (i say this as a fact and not because i walked in and thought “oh look, a black lady!”.  trust me, this detail comes into play).

so when it was finally my turn i sauntered up to the counter and the exchange went a little something like this…

USPS woman: hello.  how are you?

notsojenny: great.  how are you?

USPS: great.  how can i help you today?

nsj: i just need to get a book of stamps. 

USPS: okay.  do you like these new stamps? holds up sheet of ugly sketched heart stamps

nsj: looks at them, apparently with ‘a face’

USPS: no.  okay, how about these?  drops another sheet of a different ugly heart stamp on the counter.  hmm, okay, what about these?  yet another ugly sheet with an indiscernible pattern

njs: still looking at them with ‘the face’

USPS: okay.  let’s go with the forever stamp. pulls out a book of them and puts them on the counter

nsj: yah, i guess they’ll have to…

USPS: interrupting – pulls a sheet out from the drawer  or how about our black cinema stamp series?

nsj: squinting to see what the stamps look like while replaying what she just said because i didn’t really catch it     umm.  yaaahhh, those.

end transaction.

i obviously suffer from GWMS like 80% of the population.  i felt that if i declined the black heritage celebrating stamps i’d be viewed as racistand immediately cast aside in the eyes of the nice USPS woman.  so i bought them.  i didn’t have enough time to think of a response that said “no.  but i really do support your people.  black power.”  because us whities?  we have this inane urge to always let people of other races/ethnicities know that we support them.  it’s partly out of fear of being judged and partly out of fear of being beaten up (okay, that just sounded really racist but i am New England white… i can’t help myself.  i view all other races as “physically tougher”).  for some reason it’s a knee-jerk reaction for most white people to show their support as soon as we’re near someone who’s different, we can’t control this stuff.

the moral of this story, racial tension made me buy stamps i didn’t want.     


~ today i learned… the Hawaiian alphabet consists of only 12 letters ~



  1. I bought the heart stamps. :)

    Comment by penelope — August 7, 2008 @ 9:52 am

  2. What’s wrong with Liberty Bell stamps? They’re always good even when prices change :)

    Comment by littlespoon — August 7, 2008 @ 10:59 am

  3. Buying stamps should not be a stressful situation! My goodness!

    hugs :)

    Comment by La — August 7, 2008 @ 12:59 pm

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