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July 28, 2008

crash boom bang

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just one day short of a week from this post i found myself lying on my bed crying, trying to make sense of why these things always happen to me.  wondering what i’ve done to be punished.  wondering why the time of June/July is always bound for disaster in my life.  poor M was hovering over my hot mess of a self trying to convince me that i’m most definitely not cursed and it’s all just happenstance.

why was i such a wreck?  earlier that morning, as i lay sleeping, at 7am i suddenly popped up wide awake.  i’d heard a noise, or had i?  was it just in my dream?  it sounded like something snapping then shattering.  i didn’t want to get up and see what it was.  M was already out to make his early tee time so i was alone.  in my sleepy mind i thought my tv stand had broken and my beautiful tv had shattered.  but as i started to come into consciousness i realized that probably was the least likely situation.  maybe someone broke into my apartment, kicked down my door, broke a window (i need to stop with the Law & Order marathons).  as i came to my senses i got out of bed to check and as i opened my bedroom door i knew instantly what it was.  as i rounded the corner to my bathroom my theory was confirmed.  there was a chunk of my ceiling plaster, on the floor.  damnit!  i looked at the mess and decided i’d clean it up later right now i was going back to sleep.  and i did.

about 20 minutes later i woke up to an even louder CRASH!  SPLATTER!  as soon as i opened my eyes i knew what it was, the rest of the ceiling falling down.  i grabbed my phone and got up.  i knew it was early but i called the landlady anyway.  i called M next to ask him to bring his shop vac over after golf… i needed to take a shower and my tub was filled with ceiling right then.  not to mention the parts that fell and hit my etagerie (and busted that up) and then proceeded to shatter all over the floor spreading out as far as possible.  ugh.

this was specifically annoying for me, and set me into a fit of “why God?!  why?!?” because this is the THIRD ceiling that’s fallen in on me.  not here.  in my life.  Three.  Freakin.  Times.  i don’t know anyone else who’s had this happen… even once!  and this is my THIRD!  WTF!?!

the first time was a place we’d just moved into with my parents in high school.  i had my bed against a wall and the ceiling above looked a little warped but i didn’t think much of it.  i happened to rearrange my furniture one day and it turned out to be a blessing because the next night i was awoken by a thunderous noise.  my ceiling had fallen down.  if i hadn’t moved my bed it might have killed me, or at least messed me up.

the second time was in my last apartment.  i get that one because the building was super old but it still sucked.  i saw the ceiling sagging and called the property company because i didn’t want it to fall on me (see, i learned from that first time).  i came home to see that the guys who’d been sent to “check it out” were morons and poked it and it completely fell down.  asbestos everywhere!  it was a total nightmare.  and they just left it like that.  that was just the beginning of my hate relationship with that apartment.  the enormous hole in my ceiling was eventually was repaired but only after a brown recluse fell out of it and then i got insanely sick.  oh yah, and when the morons came back to “fix” it they decided to use and destroy my new ladder and they never used a drop cloth so everything in my room became speckled in white paint… including my shoes!  i was pretty damn pissed.

so this is just another notch on the belt for me.  i know what to do.  we’ve taped a garbage bag over it so that more crap doesn’t fall on my while i’m showering or using the facilities in any other manner.  the nice thing about this one is no asbestos since adding the ceiling was something done not long ago, it’s not original to the 100yr old home.  so that’s a plus… i guess.

but when you add all of these times up, and the disaster that was last June, plus the 3 windshields i usually get a year i feel like i’m definitely under a black cloud.  i mean there’s got to be some reason behind this life.  right?



~ today i learned… a catfish has approximately 100,000 taste buds ~



  1. Why have you not sued any of these places? Especially the second one. Brown recluses are the scariest damned creatures. ugh! shudder.

    Comment by littlespoon — July 28, 2008 @ 11:10 am

  2. I agree with Littlespoon. Deadly spiders? I am out.

    Comment by penelope — July 28, 2008 @ 12:34 pm

  3. The only thing that ever fell out of my ceiling was the light fixture, which admittedly would have nailed me on the head had I been at my desk. You’ve handled this MUCH better than I would have been able to!

    Comment by stealthnerd — July 28, 2008 @ 2:08 pm

  4. You certainly do have a way of holding your head high, I must say. I’m impressed. Three ceilings! Three! I think from now on you’re my chicken little friend. Except in your case, of course, the sky really DOES appear to be falling. Why you? I really couldn’t say. Maybe these things have to happen to someone and the crash-boom-bang world knows you’re tough enough to take it? Yeah, I’ve got nothing. But hang in there. And don’t get squished by the ceiling!

    Comment by magda — July 29, 2008 @ 9:10 am

  5. my daughter doesn’t like her ceiling fan on high because she’s scared it will fall down on her. I tell her it won’t but… now I am worried it could happen!

    Comment by Kerry — July 29, 2008 @ 11:17 am

  6. […] same bathroom ceiling then falling down and destroying some of my furniture in the […]

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