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July 21, 2008

my expensive cave

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apparently i can never have a day without issues.  honestly, there are some days when i step back and think, okay, maybe it really is just me.  maybe when there is no drama i imagine the drama or blow something out of proportion to create drama.  and yes, maybe that’s right sometimes, but most of the time this is just the life i lead. 

i won’t get into how i usually end up getting 1-3 new windshields every year, or how i will get something for free and accidentally drop it off a bridge and lose it forever, but a week ago M and i were sitting in my living room when we heard some noises coming out of the exhaust vent.  as the noises continued we realized that a bird must have been stuck in there.  M got up on the counter with a flashlight and tried to see what could be done, but he couldn’t see it so we just let it be.  the noises eventually stopped and we didn’t think too much of it.

until 48hours later when i came home from a pilates class and there were flies.  not just a housefly or two, but a flurry of them.  it was gross.  i’ve never had this happen before.  i honestly couldn’t even remember ever having Afly in this apartment.  sure i get ladybugs, hornets, and some weird VA bugs (which i call halloween bugs due to their black/orange coloring) but i’ve never had a single fly.  so the fact that i now had 10 buzzing around was a red flag.  something was up.  i spent most of the night chasing them around from my kitchen to my living room, swatting them with a rolled up pottery barn catalog.  knocking some across the room enough to stun them for a second and plain ol’ squashing others.  luckily i keep my bedroom closed off in the summer so they never got in there.  and as annoying as they were it really just disgusted me the most. 

after i’d killed mover than 11 that night and there were still some flying around i quickly put everything together and realized that i may have a dead bird in that vent.  so i climbed up there and taped saran wrap over the fan.  i was not going to take any chances.  i went to sleep and hoped the five flies i could see, but could not kill, would be dead by morning.  i mean they’re only supposed to live like 24hrs right?  getting ready for work i only encountered one which i considered to be a good sign.

when i pulled up to my place after work i was hoping that the one fly was gone.  when i stepped into the kitchen i saw 10 more buzzing around.  i was totally disgusted all over again.  M was already on his way over so we decided to take care of the issue when he got here.  we went to lowe’s and got every fly killing thing we could find.  my choice was the fly-swatter.  up until this point i’ve refused to own one since it brings back all sorts of memories.  (we were spanked with them growing up.  and i’m tempted to say it stung more than the hand… of course half of our childhood was spent hiding them.  but my mom always had a few lying around.)

back to the tale… we ended up turning out the lights and attracting them to a flashlight pointed at the wall where we’re smack them into their demise.  we killed about 30 flies that night.  it was so creepy.  i vacuumed them all up.  then we left fly strips up over this past weekend (that i spent at M’s) to see if any more came back.  so far it’s been 4 days an no more flies.  i’m thrilled.  and i hope i never have to deal with that again.

so this morning when i piled my stuff in the door, from my weekend at M’s, the first thing i notices was that it was freakin stuffy in here.  i wasn’t surprised because i turn the AC off when i leave, but it smelled like a cave.  i went to turn the light on in the bathroom to get the AC running when my had got dripped on.  WTF?!?!  i turned on the light to see that everything in my bathroom was soaking wet, and the ceiling was dripping.  i called my landlady (who luckily lives downstairs) and panicked into her ear.  she came right up here to check it out and then broke into the apt above.  sure enough, they had a ton of soaking wet towels stuffed around the base of their toilet, which was directly above my bathroom.  when she called them they simply said “oh yah, we were gonna call”.  i f-in hate living in the same building with college kids.  and this is exactly why.  they don’t think about anyone but themselves.  slamming doors and stomping on the stairs at 2am and letting their plumbing issues leak into being my problem.  so the plumber has been called.  but who knows how long this ceiling is going to drip.  so far i’ve been holding itin.  i’ve really gotta go but i don’t like dirty nasty water dripping on me while i’m peeing.  i’m not sure how much longer i’ll be able to hold out though.  i’m about to eat lunch and i’m probably gonna Have To go after that… either that or i’ll have a bladder infection soon.

why is it always like this??  can’t i ever just have ONE uneventful day?!?



~ today i learned… that even clean water, after coming straight out of old pipes, can be yellow and brown.  nasty! ~



  1. Dude, is it time to move? For serious :)

    Comment by littlespoon — July 21, 2008 @ 4:17 pm

  2. While this all sounds vexing in the extreme, the mental picture that I have of you and M swatting at flies in the dark with a flashlight is so. very. amusing to me right now. And the water? Ugh! This is something out of a comic novel, where our dear heroine has everything go wrong all at once, and it’s sad in the present, but matures into one of those hilarious storied to look back on, one of those stories her children will hear for years and years when they complain about their living situations. Hang in there, heroine :)

    Comment by magda — July 21, 2008 @ 11:28 pm

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