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July 18, 2008

my favorite things v1.2

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i realize that this has been a heavy picture filled post week so i’m going to cap it off by continuing down that road

it’s been 6mos and i’m a person with alot of favorites so here we go again, but now that i’m slightly(and i intentionally stress that word) more blog savvy we now have pictures too.  so if i were Oprah you’d all be lucky, but alas i am not, so you will just have to hope i hit the lotto last night in which case i’ll buy everyone some of each of these.

here’s what i love…

… pampered chef batter bowls.  they’re wonderful.  i really love these 4cup bowls with lids.  they have measuring marks on the side so they’re perfect for measuring out and mixing anything right in the bowl and then you just toss the lid on (so perfect for pudding!)  they also come with a recipe to make cake right in the bowl!  i’ve never tried it but it sounds FUN!  i think they come in 4c. and 8c. sizes… i have 2 of the 4c. ones.  


… bath & body soaps.  i like to use the foaming ones in the bathroom in sweet scents, like the cherry blossom or honey suckle and i use the regular gel style clean scent ones in the kitchen, like the citrus herb. (apparently they no longer have that one online, but the kitchen herb is really nice too)

… Hue foot care thingys.  they have all of the cushioning you could need for your shoes.  and they come in clear which is so nice.  i am typically a fan of the ball cushions but they have a full sole cushion that is heaven too.  if you’re a thong sandal wearer they even have the things that wrap around to protect that area between your big toe and next toe (whatever it’s called) and i like to use these on the top edge of some of my flats so that they don’t rub.  i also love these because i can get them at my favorite place here… which leads me to the next thing


… TJ Maxx gift cards.  i love this store.  anyone who’s read more than 2 of my posts would know that.  i think it’s just heaven and i spend way too much time and money there.  but i have so much great stuff because of it!  how can you beat great, comfortable, cute underwear for $1.99?!?


… maggy london dresses.  i’m obsessed with these.  they’re so flattering on so many bodies.  yes, they’re not the cheapest but you can find them on some super sale deals at Macy*s.  and, yah, hi, many of them have POCKETS!  freakin LOVE!  and the step down brand, London Times, can be often found at (you guessed it) TJ Maxx!


… yankee candles.  i’m sorry but no other candles give off the same powerful scents.  i know they’re overpriced which is why i like to use the coupons and get them at BB&B or LNT.  i light these all the time.  clean cotton is classic but i’ve really taken to the honeysuckle for the warm months.  yes, i love reed diffusers and lamp oils too but these are just awesome.


… bite size snickers.  i bought them once around the holidays because i wanted to put something out at my desk for others to snack on too, and i’m now addicted.  eating an entire snickers bar literally hurts my teeth, but i always want to do it anyway.  these are the perfect size!  who cares if i eat 3 or 4 at a time?  still not the equivalent of an entire bar.  plus they’re easier to share, don’t be stingy with your chocolate : )


… inStyle magazine.  i’ve been a subscriber for a while.  it’s the only magazine that’s lasted with me.  you know, you read Seventeen up until you’re 16 and them you move to Cosmo and Glamour.  then at some point after college you move on to Elle, InStyle, and Vogue.  sometimes you even get hooked on Harpars Bazaar.  i’ve gone through so many different subscriptions of women’s magazines and this is still my favorite.


have a good weekend everyone!  i’m off to the races tomorrow.



~ today i learned… Mexico and Iceland consume the most Coca-Cola per capita ~



  1. Ooh, this might be where we break up, because Yankee Candle? ACK! Ugh! Cough! Ew! Every time I pass the store in the mall, I have to hold my breath!

    (Have a great weekend!)

    Comment by La — July 18, 2008 @ 10:14 am

  2. You are right about the candles, they are definitely the best! My favorites for summer are Vanilla Lime and Strawberry Lemonade. And anything Pampered Chef that I have owned has been really good quality and always comes in good use. They are so clever!

    Comment by Jackie — July 18, 2008 @ 1:12 pm

  3. I love Pampered Chef too! My mother has parties with some regularity, so she’s always buying things from there, and now I get it for Christmas gifts! Yay!

    Comment by Lexi — July 18, 2008 @ 3:25 pm

  4. I still love those dresses. I’m going to have to find some of them to try on (and cross my fingers that they look as cute on me as they do in this picture!)

    I’ve come to love the B&B antibacterial soap … I bought one on sale a few weeks ago, except I thought it was antibacterial GEL. I have a little gel for my purse, and I love it; I was looking for a big one for my desk. Sad thing is, it took me a couple of days to realize that my hands weren’t getting sticky because the gel was bad, but because it was not, in fact, gel. I subsequently brought it home and I love it!

    Comment by magda — July 18, 2008 @ 3:48 pm

  5. My roommate from colleg is a rep. I have the same bowl and I love it.

    Comment by Maureen — July 18, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

  6. B&BWorks soap is so very amazing. I feel like I have each scent. Addiction I say!

    Comment by littlespoon — July 21, 2008 @ 9:48 am

  7. […] am i haven’t done this in a while, heck i skipped it entirely last year, so it’s long overdue (i do have to say going back through my old ones created a huge shopping list… […]

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