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July 16, 2008


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i have a habit of bragging.  i know that.  i once had a boyfriend (i think he was anyway, we never really cleared that up at the time,  either way he broke my heart a long time ago) who called me a “gloater” and informed me that i was a bad winner.  ever since then i’ve been acutely aware of this character trait/flaw.  at the time of this tragic event it was in reference to video games.  years have past since then but nothing has changed. i still rub it in M’s face each time i beat him at mariokart or monkeybananaballs.  but for the most part whenever i catch myself bragging these days it’s in regards to shopping.  and primarily saving.  i get very excited when i get a really good deal on something.  especially when it’s something with a high perceived value or something that i’ve been pining over or actually  needed.  in the past i’ve been one to buy things that i never ended up using simply because they were on sale.  not anymore.  i try to keep all of my clothing purchases to a 90% discounted rate.  that meaning that 90% of the clothes or accessories that i purchase are not bought at full sticker price.  this may sound silly but i really get this strong sense of pride when i get a good deal. 

i think it’s fairly obvious in any of my past posts about purchases where i typically note how much i spent vs the original price.  i used to also be mildly obsessed (and may still be) with saving money on my groceries either by coupons or just store club discounts.  at my grocery store your receipt tells you how much you saved via these methods for that transaction and how much you’ve spent and saved for the year.  it’s my goal to always save At Least 10% during each shopping encounter there.  and i’ve even put some extraordinary results on the fridge, like my receipt that showed my savings of almost 30%.  which on groceries, isn’t that easy.

so when i post about some great deal i just found it’s simply because i do not have any girlfriends here to brag to.  my main goal in these braggings is simply to let others cash in on the same great deal.  because i know that if someone told me where to go to get a good deal on a specific thing, there’s a good chance i just might do it.  so really, i’m trying to do you all a service.  people pay for these kinds of services.  so technically i guess you owe me.  and i don’t take Discover.

the moral of this story: the Nordstrom’s sale starts on friday.  any girl who loves dresses should make note of this.  they have one of the best online dress sections of all major dept. stores.  i, so sadly, will not be able to partake as my previous posts have pointed out.  i’ve used up my shopping allowance for the month.  but i hope someone takes advantage of it.  please.  for me?  go out there and Save!  then tell me all about the deals you got!  really, i love hearing that crap.  i really do.  i’m weird like that.  because it’s not about what you spend, it’s all about what you save!



~ today i learned… your odds of being killed by space debris are approx. 1 in 5 billion ~



  1. I love seeing how much I saved at the grocery. It’s one of the best feelings. I try and avoid handing them my shoppers card until after everything is rung up and the actual total flashes b/c I like to mentally calculate just how much I think I’ve saved, before the screen tells me :)

    Comment by littlespoon — July 16, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

  2. You do brag a lot, but at least you can back it up.

    Comment by apollocreed — July 16, 2008 @ 12:47 pm

  3. I’m the same way about my shopping deals – I don’t really see it as bragging, though; I see it as sharing knowledge with people so they can get the items for themselves!

    And dude, my heart skipped a beat when I read your comment about shopping with me in Boston, and then I thought, “Oh, she probably meant just to visit.” And then I cried.


    Comment by La — July 16, 2008 @ 12:59 pm

  4. I’ve had the nordstrom sale in my calendar, oh, for at least six months. A lot of people find this scary.

    Nordstrom started in Seattle, which more people should know, and seriously, the sale there is a warzone. People line up at 5.30am to get in. My mom always scheduled our family vacations around it growing up.

    I expected it to be the same here, and I was accordingly at Nordstrom the moment they opened on Saturday last year. There were people–but not A LOT of people. I had no problem just walking in and trying on shoes. It was amazing. My helpful shoe man asked me how I heard of the sale, and when I told him I’d been counting down the days since winter, he really looked at me like I was a freak. But whatever.

    I usually get a bunch of shoes, and one “back to school” outfit, just for old time’s sake. Yaaaay sales. And thus ends my rambling : )

    Comment by magda — July 16, 2008 @ 5:22 pm

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