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July 14, 2008

bad at it

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okay, so this whole money lock down thing?  not really my strong suit. 

since i’ve declared $$$ lockdown i’ve definitely pulled back from the spending i was doing earlier this year.  i’ve been really proud of myself.  and i’ve been especially good about talking myself out of buying something by not only reminding me that i have to pay off my invisalign but that i’ll also be saving for my imaginary wedding.  so when i’ve come across a really cute pair of shoes at macy*s i’ve been able to say “i can live without them”.  when i’ve come across an awesome bag at tj maxx i’ve told myself “yes, but a lhuillier dress would be nicer”.  that is, up until now.  in the last week something snapped.  i guess it has mostly to do with me going in and out of shopping phases but i’m definitely not in control right now. 

as i mentioned in my last post, last week i bought something similar to this dress.  and then i was online looking at those awesome t-strap shoes and found a clutch that i fell in love with and it was on clearance for $20, so i made a passive aggressive move and added it to “my cart”.  i waited a few days and this weekend finally hit the checkout button, which i guess i kind of knew all along i’d do.  but then during the checkout process i got stopped.  it wasn’t accepting my credit cards.  i tried 2 different ones.  i knew it wasn’t because i can’t pay for a $20 clutch but probably had something to do with the online store.  so i decided i needed to check my cards.  in reading one of my usual blogs i came across info about a really cute dress on sale at jcrew for $30.  she also posted a free shipping code so i was sold.  except the free shipping code wasn’t working anymore.  and without it i just couldn’t justify the price anymore.  it was like i wasn’t supposed to be shopping, these were signs from above.  so instead of heading the warnings i casually dragged M into jcrew when we set out for groceries.  it turned out to be a good idea (my justification anyway) because the ladies stuff was an extra 25% off of sale and men’s an extra 40%!  M even bought a few things, which doesn’t happen that often.  and while they didn’t have the dress i was trying to get online they did have another dress.  and i knew i had no where to wear a silk dress but i fell in love anyway.  unfortunately i really wanted to buy 2 of them, and neither for me.  i wanted to get them for my 2 future imaginary bridesmaids.  and i almost did it.  i still kinda wish i did.  because i LOVE this dress.  and when i came home i immediately logged onto to see if they had a picture.  lucky enough, they did.  and a price.  it was originally $168.  guess what i got it for…..  lower…… no, lower…. okay, i’ll tell you.  78% off.  i got this dress for thirty seven bucks!  and it has freakin’ pockets!  i love shopping!!  (you can see it on the websitetoo. it comes in other colors, love the grey/beige combo, and they call this one spicy mustard but it’s really more green than it appears)  if you’re looking for Cheap Fun bridesmaids dresses that are flattering on most figures and your girls will be able to wear again suggest running out to your local store now!

i tried again to get the clutch when i got home but had same issue with payment.  i know my credit card works because jcrew took it.  so today i’m headed out to get my imprints done for my teeth and i’ll be damned if i’m not stopping at the mall too.  i’m getting this clutch.  i’m either grabbing it there or getting them to order it for me.  i know i have a problem and i should just forget about it and stop spending money, but i can’t help myself.  i love bargains!!  i can’t pass them up.  anyone want to stage an intervention for me?  because the only thing i can think of is having my credit card and checkbook taken away.  otherwise i’m afraid i can’t stop.   here’s what my future clutch looks like…

did i also neglect to mention that i bought a martha stewart wine caddy thingy the other week?  yah, it was another steal i got for 75% off… carries (and comes with) 2 glasses, re-cork, and corkscrew, and a bottle of wine (not included).  i can’t wait to use it.

so i guess i’m back on $$$ lockdown again.  that was my little reprieve and i hope i got it all out of my system.  i guess only time (and my bank balance) will tell…



~ today i learned… in Columbia an individual can be fined up to $90k for gossiping ~



  1. I think that as long as you’re being wise about what you do spend money on, then it’s not that bad!

    Comment by littlespoon — July 14, 2008 @ 11:30 am

  2. That dress is absolutely adorable!

    Comment by La — July 14, 2008 @ 11:37 am

  3. You really shouldn’t have posted these pictures. It’s doing quite a number on my “i’m just going to sit on a bench and read” lunch break plan. i’ve decided that, as your penalty, you must now call security at the pentagon city mall and tell them that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are they to allow a credit-card happy curly-haired girl to enter the premises.

    In short: I feel your pain. But such cute things you’ve bought! Especially that clutch; I’m so in love with that clutch : )

    Comment by magda — July 14, 2008 @ 12:25 pm

  4. i may or may not have an obsession for anything martha stewart that combined with my love of good wine? I may be on a mission to find this wine tote that you speak of ;)

    The jcrew dress? LOVE!

    Comment by legallyheidi — July 14, 2008 @ 1:07 pm

  5. OMG I read your post earlier on bloglines and then my computer crashed… I LOVE THAT DRESS and want it! I have looked at it many times but have no where to wear it now that my weddings for the season are over! At less than $40 though I would HAVE to buy it y’know??! I dont’ normally go to the store to buy – it’s the impulse thing – but I might have to head in to see what I can find!!

    Comment by Kerry — July 14, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

  6. […] from JCrew for next summer, perfect for the beach… maybe a honeymoon?  and there’s the JCrew bargain i got earlier this year and am saving for next summer… can’t wait to pair it with an […]

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